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Many people have noted on the Internets that Sheldon Adelson gave away a frigging megaton of money, but in the end had very little to show for it.

Any photo of a white person, frightened or otherwise, should be sized at 72%.

On Republican computers it will appear at 90%.

if you read this article from the "morning after" http://tinyurl.com/ahgp39t it's readily apparent that there's not a shot in hell of there being any self-awareness and or / reflection.

funny, too --- those blokes are always touting personal responsibility --- yet never ever take the step towards it.

Welcome back, Gleanster. Enjoyed the article.

I just read an article that showed Karl Rove enjoyed a success rate of one percent on every $103 million dollars spent! This classifies him as a fraud, a buffoon and someone that cannot be trusted anymore. Watch Karl Rove's star fall from the sky and burn up in the atmostphere very soon.

It's too early to tell right now, but I see every indication that the Tea/Republican Party has not...changed.

They still want pundit losers like Dick Morris, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and that disgusting wreck of a human being Rush Limbaugh dictate their ultra-conservative agenda.

I really, really hope it continues too. Because the more they double down on the ultra-right wing nutball shit, the more their dumb political party is going to go downhill. The funny thing is it's not from outside sources. From within. They keep following this course of action where Fox News tells them what to do, it's self-destruction. Nobody to blame but themselves.

I am indeed happy that people are not letting the villainaires run this country. This election proved dirty angry money don't matter. Not when it's stacked up against boots on the ground, get out the vote efforts.

Lemme tell ya, Gleanster, it's gonna be music to my ears to hear both Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn both howling and screaming in frustration like disease ridden flea bitten desert coyotes on January 1, 2013 when they are gonna be forced to pay their fair share of income taxes after the hated Former President George W. Bush Jr. Tax Cuts For The Rich, The Filthy Rich, And The Obscenely Filthy Rich expire.

Because they can't do a fucking thing to stop it now.

Gleaner, I enjoy watching you and Elizabeth Crum analyze the events of the day, from the left and right respectively. 12:30 PM on the teevee, channel 3. I have to record it on the TiVo because I have - you know - a job. The TiVo describes the show as "Entertainment". Although given the state of politics, maybe a better word is "Science Fiction" or maybe even "Horror". After all, as Germany's Iron Chancellor, Bismarck, alleged said, "there are two things you never want to see being made: sausage and legislation".

Just noticed who won NV-4. I look forward to Danny Tarkanian's presidential bid in 2016 as the pinnacle of his Failing Upwards Tour.

Danny Tarkanian lost millions of dollars of his family's money in a real estate deal that went sour. Now the IRS wants $17M from him. It all could have been avoided if Tiny Tark had carried out his due diligence.

If that's what he did with his OWN money, what would he have with the public treasury???

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