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Enjoyed the article, Gleanster. A lot of good information there about the tangled web of hypocrisy and lies not only Heller, but also the entire Tea/Republican Party seems to be immersed in all the time.

One thing that is inescapable for Heller is that, try as he might, he cannot get away from Wrong Way Romney. No matter how much he tries to muddy the waters, everyone knows they are both Tea/Republicans.

Even though Heller says he's different, and he has suddenly changed his voting habits to sanity to try to prove to the Nevadan voters out here that he is indeed different, HE ISN'T.

It's just before the election. He'll act like a normal guy who cares about Nevada. Only to get voted back in.

Guaranteed that if he is successful and pulls the wool over the voters' eyes out here and gets back in, he'll revert back to obstructionist Tea/Republican Party dude that will be in permanent suck up mode to the rich, the filthy rich and the obscenely rich...all so he can run interference for their corporate greed some more.

No matter how you look at it, and I don't care if people think it's unfair, the down ballot tendency of voters will sink Heller.

Not only is he only appointed, but he replaced a completely disgraced Senator (Ensign). He has to pay for it. Not his fault, I know, but it's his stupid political party. And they blew their chances for this Senate Seat. Especially after Heller's voting record is EXACTLY THE SAME as Ensign's. Both of them horribly in it for themselves and nobody else.

Berkley is the much better candidate. My vote will be for her.

But what's funny is that if Heller gets voted out, he'll lay blame on Wrong Way Romney for dragging him down.

And he won't look at his own self.

He now has a convenient whipping boy in Wrong Way Romney and Wreckless Ryan.

Anyways, Gleanster, enjoyed the article. Keep 'em comin'.

Dean Heller looks like a slightly stoned surfer dude.

Didja ever see the movie Clueless? Lots of the male students in Alicia Silverstone's fictional high school looked and acted like Dean Heller.


On the other hand, Sheldon Adelson looks like Goldfinger, played by Gert Frobe in the eponymous James Bond movie. Check out the link and photo of Goldfinger here...


David Vitter, a Moral-Majority type, patronized hookers. Nobody disputes this fact. Yet he got re-elected anyway. He must have the political skills of a snake-oil salesman.

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