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The current elections in the US can be compared with elections a few years ago in Iran, where to be on the ballot, you have to be approved by a board of Islamic clergy.
The Iranian elections were widely criticized because of that restriction. And the critics were justified.

But what about our elections? To be a serious candidate in the US, you have to be rich, or have rich friends, or be friends with lobbyists for the big corporations. So the same kind of criticism aimed at the undemocratic Iranian elections can also be leveled at the US big budget elections, where victory usually goes to the candidate with the biggest campaign war chest.

Recent election


Joe Heck sponsors legislation to actually ends work for welfare.

"There’s little Republicans love more these days than falsely attacking President Obama for stripping work requirements out of welfare.

"But in their zeal to slash and de-federalize safety net programs, they’ve advanced legislation that would do exactly that.

"The bill — sponsored by Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Joseph J. Heck, (R-NV), and Buck McKeon (R-CA) and called the Workforce Investment Improvement Act..."


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