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Oceguera over heck, Heck yes!

But Shelly Berkley?? She's awfully hawkish. She got her start as an intern for AIPAC. On the Middle East, she's just as extreme as Sheldon Adelson, she's just not as rich.

Right now, Netanyahu is trying to instigate a US attack on Iran, while Obama is reluctant. So there is a split between the US ruling class and the Netanhayu faction of the Israeli ruling class. (Many high-ranking Israelis are against attacking Iran).

Israel already has a lot of clout on Capitol Hill. It would not be a good idea for it to have even more. Dean Heller is a pretty conservative guy, but might resist Israeli war cries. Shelly Berkeley is an extreme Israeli hawk.

Really, really enjoyed the article, Gleanster. We need people who are committed to not only get our Democratic candidates in office. We need to CRUSH the Tea/Republican bullshit. As a reminder to people out there, we were lied to. The current crop of Tea/Republicans who were voted into office said they were running on getting people employed, making America better and bettering the economy. But they didn't. They lied to us. They immediately starting naming Federal buildings, writing an obscene number of anti-abortion bills, attacking every kind of public job, and repealing the Affordable Care Act THIRTY-FOUR times. Why? Because they decided to sink America faster than the TITANIC hitting an iceberg. All because they want to kill the Captain (President Obama) politically.

It's revenge time, people. I want to DESTROY the Tea/Republican Party. And we can do that in Nevada by getting rid of Heck and Heller. THEY BOTH WILLINGLY PARTICIPATED WHOLEHEARTEDLY IN UTTER FUCKING DEBACLE. And they need to be held accountable. Because they get voted in again, it will continue. Without letup.

C'mon, people. Do like I'm gonna do. I'm gettin' angry with my votes. All up and down the ballot, I'm voting straight Democratic Party. Period.

This Tea/Republican crap needs to be relegated to political history as an idea that failed abysmally. You don't fix things by rewarding them to fuck us even more.

Obama/Biden 2012!

Romney/Ryan 1040s please! Everything that Senator Reid said is true about their Federal Income Tax returns. Because they haven't offered anything to prove otherwise. Cough 'em up. Show the American people what yer hidin'.

And to Heck with Heller, to Heller with Heck!

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