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According to this article, Nevada has nothing on Florida. In fact, you'll think you're reading about Nevada instead of Florida! It's a lot of fun, check it out ..

Well RussBBinVegas,

The good folk of Florida made a considered decision and decided they would have rather have a crook (Scott) as governor than a Democrat. Soon we will see on TV the McCain oppo research on Romney re: his company over billing Medicare and a similar big-fat-fine.

Thanks for once again pointing out Nevada's role as a GOP petri dish. Funny (odd/inexcusable/understandable), none from the GOP point to Nevada as a "shining example on the hill" of a euphoric low tax, low regulatory, small government enterprise and its expected garden of eden.

One would think our singular and outstanding accomplishment as the lowest taxed citizens in the union with the smallest government employees to resident ratio (who doesn't enjoy huge oil revenue), would be a beacon to those who should otherwise embrace our co-existing record as the state with the highest unemployment rate and poorest student achievement scores. Sandoval should use his time in front of the GOP faithful insiders to point out the correlation.

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