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Thanks for jumping on this. If Romney and Ryan do ascend to office, and Heller gets to play ball, I hope all the under 40s who vote for them, will enjoy having their parents move in, and, just a reminder that Dad's bypass will be up north of a quarter mil, so start saving early for that. That spare room, that might have been a nursery, will smell like icky old people for many moons to come, and oh, yeah, if you can MAYBE afford to have one kid, you'll, FOR SURE, have to scrap having that second kid, like my parents did in the fifties. Yep, my highly decorated military Dad had to support his parents, (BECAUSE THERE WERE NO SOCIAL SAFETY NETS FOR OLD PEOPLE,) so I was an only child. At least with the policies of Mittens and Howdy Doody, there will be far fewer "My Kid Is Better Than Your Kid" bumper stickers, that is, until they get rid of birth control, and then everyone with a brain will have to high tail it for... ANYWHERE ELSE!


How does that old saying go, "those that don't remember history are doomed to repeat it"?

Some 100 years ago places like Arizona and Alaska initiated 'old age' assistance programs and then under Roosevelt all the states agreed to centralize their 'old age' assistance under our centralized federal government.

Here we are 100 years later and Paul Ryan wants to undo what has worked but wants to redo the Reagan 'block grant' grand bargain.

Oh, wait! Paul Ryan was in high school when Reagan and the states made the grand bargain.

Thankfully, the odds are way against Wromeny and Ryan (and their 1912 campaign).

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