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The addition of Ryan to the Romney ticket moves the debate even beyond the budget and the economy into morality.
The Ryan Plan is so damaging to social programs benefiting our poorest and most vulnerable citizens that it prompted the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to publicly blast the devout Catholic for not just tearing holes in the nation's safety but for his "shredding of the nation’s moral obligations."

Enjoyed the insight, Gleanster.

I go out on a limb here and say this: I bet Ryan was not Romney's first pick.

I bet he asked others. Like Portman and Pawlenty. And both said, oh, wait, I can't, I gotta shine my shoes, I gotta feed my cat, wait, I don't have a cat, I gotta, um, I gotta...

I would be willing to say the ones who were asked rejected the VP pick due to the whole mess the Tea/Republican Party is in at this point and time is politically toxic. They know if they had accepted, it would have been political suicide. Especially if they had any type of political ambitions and aspirations later.

I think I'm right about that. But we'll never know.

One thing for sure... The American people out here are focused on one facet of the Romney/What'sHisFace ticket like a laser.

They are all shouting in unison....

Where's the Federal Income Tax returns? Where's the transparency? What are BOTH of you hiding in your finances? Where is the sense of fair play?

Very hard to ask a Tea/Republican to play by the rules. Because they make them up as they go along.

It's to the point right now that I want to see Romney's (as well as Ryan's) tax returns all the way back to when they were both eighteen, their wives, their pets, and especially that dancing horse Rafalaca. I bet that damn horse lives better than most Americans. And gets a tax break because it taught Romney how to dance too.

Obama/Biden 2012!


Vulture/Voucher release your 1040s!

According to the best* polls, Romney is going to lose.

*Best polls: state by state, taking electoral vote of each state in account. See for example

It shows Obama winning. And this was before Ryan was picked for VEEP.

May the slaughter of the GOP begin!!!

Romney, all Stinky Cheese Man-like...

Did you just call Mitt...SMEGMA?

Another reason that Romney/Ryan will lose...

The base of the Republican Party these days is a southern white, likely Baptist and probably Fundamentalist. Now white Protestants often think of the Mormon Church as a cult, and don't think that much of the Catholic church, either. Republican primary voters made clear their dislike for Romney during the primary season - they kept looking for an alternative.

Now the Republican party has a Mormon and a Catholic on their ticket. Do they really expect Fundamentalist Protestants to be enthusiastic about this ticket?

It's the first time that a US major party has nominated a ticket without a Protestant as either President or Veep.

Of course, many people don't care too much about religion. But people who think this way are more likely to be Democrats, and maybe (gasp!) liberals. They're NOT the Republican base.


Good points. I note that Wromney (TM) got crushed in the Florida primary in the panhandle of Florida (known as Southern Alabama by locals), because evangelicals and Baptists don't cotton to cults.

So WHY pick Ryan? Wromney's staff came from Charlie Christ (gay?) of Florida, a progressive crowd that hates the conservatives. Is this Wromney's (TM) LBJ selection? Is Wromeny (TM) trying to fire up the base to actually get out the door and vote for the GOP?

I believe you are spot on calling for tax returns. The tax returns of these will demonstrate how much they will benefit from their no inheritance, no dividend, no capital gains tax vision of America.

Ryan's family is known as the Kennedy's of Wisconsin and his wife inherited several million from her parents, too.

Give money to Obama or super PACs that will spread the truth.....many "wo/man on the street interviews" demonstrate that people have no idea who Ryan is...let alone know that in 2005 he voted to take ALLLLLLL the Social Security surplus monies and apply it to the then record deficit spending of GWBush and the GOP run Congress.

Truth should be an antiseptic.

@ Observer,
Game theorists have posited that Obama has at least a 67% probability of being re-elected. Is the irony of a casino mogul backing a loser lost on anyone?

Oh my stars! By Jove, I think that makes Sheldon the Red Dwarf!? ;)

Did anybody notice the New York Times editorial on Saturday (8/18/2012) about Sheldon Adelson? Entitled "In Thrall to Sheldon Adelson", the editorial in the NY Times urges Romney and Ryan to distance themselves from Adelson. The NYT details the many investigations that beset the Las Vegas Sands corporation.

If Adelson is hit with a fine, it's no big deal. He really is that rich.

But if he is convicted under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, he might actually go to jail. At his age, even a few years could in effect be a life sentence.

Someone who has friends and supporters often has a reasonable chance to avoid getting convicted. Adelson has a ton of money, but has accumulated an awful lot of enemies.

Hhahaha, what a bunch Kool aide drinkers who sit up at night trying to come up clever insight but only come up with only hate, like and vile. What a bunch of pathetic creatures here.
Ryan is far more superb that Biden will ever be with. Biden is about as racist and stupid as any liberal out there. Ryan beats Biden hands down.
Then of course, you have Obama, who is both liar in chief and bozo in chief who shows day in and day out that he is clueless and pretty stupid, which is probably why he doesn't open up his college records.
But nice try playing the liberal game of who can be the most vile, stupid, racist and ignorant.

Seemingly, Heck will be likewise assigning biblical blame on his Party when hurricane Irene comes to Tampa in that "when you look at those dark, gloomy, ominous clouds that are outside" that is the way he feels about his political party. I mean, this is a correlation to what he told the Sun City Republican crowd this week.

Hey!!! Seriously.
If the GOP proposed changes to Medicare, which includes a changeover to "managed care" and a "free market competition" manifesto believe that these two pillars will allegedly control rising medical costs how come 40 years of "manged care" and "free market competition" hasn't resulted in lower controlled medical premiums/co-pays/costs???


Why would we elect people that are sworn to follow a known and broken trail?!?!?!

Nixon allowed for-profit companies to compete with the then exclusive not-for-profit model of health care and we are all the worse off for his duplicity.

"vile, stupid, racist and ignorant"?

Sounds like the GOP Platform.

Hey, wasn't Mitt born in Mexico?

Where are Mitt's college records? How did he get into Harvard? He went to two colleges before Harvard: let's see those records.

Hey, Mitt wasn't Editor of the Harvard Law Review (Obama was)! Why didn't Mitt get elected to that most prestigious of positions?

When has Obama ever mentioned the "Soviet Union" threat?

Ryan rejects his Catholic upbringing by embracing Ayn Rand (who lived on thanks to her husbands government benefits much like many other "libertarians". LOL!)

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