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Enjoyed the article, Gleanster. Yet another savage and relentless assault on the Nevada psyche by Governor Sandoval trying to remain relevant and less boring than he actually is.

The Tea/Republicans are in a mad scramble right now, trying to form think tanks and talking groups, to discover someway somehow somewhy to blame this weather pattern on President Obama and his entire administration.

Teabagger, "I saw him! It was Obama! He was riding on that Isaac hurricane! He had the reins in his hand and was steering it right for us, cackling like mad! And he even leaned over and fucking spit on us!"

Sounds stupid, but with the Tea/Republicans nowadays, any kind of propaganda, no matter how outlandish it may seem, is within their realm of credibility, Gleanster.

To add to your update, Gleanster, I heard that Sandoval's time was cancelled then moved up, then shortened.

But they found a way for Nevada to be represented at the last minute.

Sandoval was re-scheduled.

Something else freed up speaking time for him.

Due to rain, they had to cancel the cross burning competition that was going to be held outside the convention center....

Since the Republican Convention won't have any debates or real discussion, they really ought to bill it as an extended press conference, lasting several days.

Not that the Democratic convention will be different.

Once upon a time, conventions actually decided the nominee. And they decided by the time-honored methods: the backroom deal, the bribe, the legislative log-roll.

The classic case was the 1968 election, when Hubert Humphrey became the Democratic Party nominee for President, despite never entering a single primary election.

Hubert Humphrey had given hundreds of pro-Vietnam-war speeches (sample: "the war is our great adventure, and a wonderful one it is, too!"). This made it easy for Richard Nixon to masquerade as a dove, and win.

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