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Ohhh, those evil Koch brothers and Adelson. They force people into the voting booths and force people to vote for their candidates. If they don't vote they way those evil Koch brothers and Adelson want, they chop off their fingers, right? So, that's how it works, eh?
So, money is the only reason why politicians win, right? That is such an old and retarded argument that only those with tin foil hats on believe it.

A friend of mine worked on a number of electoral campaigns for left Democrats. She told me that her candidate could possibly win if she was outspent 2:1, but not if outspent 4:1.

In the recent Wisconsin recall election, Republican Scott Walker outspent the unions & liberals by what? 20:1?

"Money is the mother's milk of politics", I think it was Sam Rayburn (Veteran Senator from Texas) who said that.

To run for office in a campaign with a realistic chance of winning, you have to be rich or have rich friends, including lobbyists for the moneyed interests.

Noam Chomsky recently made the following point: elections in Iran are not really democratic because all candidates have to be approved by a board of Islamic clergymen. And in elections in the US, all candidates have to approved by wealthy campaign contributors.

Sorry, not "all" candidates. Just those who want to win.


May the good Lord bless you with an independent intellect!

Though I despise your singular attack, I have to admit that, f&^%, the electorate is not 'forced' to vote one way or the other, but find, much like the 1930's Harvard Business review found (see, "New and improved" sausage packaging business study), that people are highly susceptible to marketing, i.e. the electorate is fucking stupid. Hence, the famed Founding Fathers' wish to limit voting to the property class.

That said, you ARE flat ass incorrect in asserting that dollars spend to not equate to votes gained. Empirically you have a losing argument. From your prior posts I understand that you have a limited education and as such I believe you suffer unduly from Fauxism in your 'opinions."

Too, often you are unable to articulate a reasoned opinion and are left only to babble on about what some right-wing publication presented. You are, in essence, a parrot. Perhaps if (as the right believes and espouses), your parents actually loved you and thus home schooled you (instead of sending you to a 'government immersion' school as envisioned by the founding fathers), or in the alternative, you got an ultra-virus voucher to a religious school that would have taught you, what?, you would have developed not the unwavering acceptance of any one interpretation of reality, but instead the development of your critical abilities..

Noam Chomsky should never be quoted: he offers no intellectual weight to any argument. Seriously, I have read his writings and find his 'believes' to create a vacuum in actual public policy and analysis.

In closing I find it intriguing that:
1). Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki created the highest unemployment rate in America (he is responsible for economic development in Nevada after all); and 2). Krolicki is a SOCIALIST (as defined by the Right-as he used taxpayer money to pick winners and losers)! True, true, true, KROLICKI picked WINNERS AND LOSERS using tax payer money.

Krolicki used tax payer money to give money to Citigroup Global, Colonial Bank (they still around?), Nevada Security Bank (are they still around?), Bank of the West (are they still around?), Heritage Bank TCD (they still around?), Citigroup Funding, UBS Finance, General Electric CAP Corp, Toyota Motor Credit, Rabobank USA Finance, Societe General (French Bank), Deutshbank, UBS AG Stamford, Goldman Sachs, , Wells Fargo, Honda, Sears, Wachovia, Carmax, Morgan Stanley (are they even in business anymore???), Merrill Lynch (are they in business anymore???), Chase Manhattan, Citibank Credit, BEAR STEARNS (no longer in business), COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS (gone!), Damiler Chrysler Auto (bailed out by US taxpayer), BMW, Abbott Laboratories, American General Finance, BANK OF AMERICA, Wal Mart, Golden West Financial, IBM Corp, Bank One, Credit Suisse (bailed out by tax payers).

According to the Right Wing definitions of use of taxpayer monies, Brian Krolicki is a socialist. That he now works for a company that wants to establish a health insurance exchange under "OBAMA CARE" proves what a hypocrite he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Required reading is:

As an aside, Joe Heck still has not told the voters what taxes he will raise in order to fund H.R. 1.

H.R.1 requires that U.S. revenues be 'limited' to 20% of GDP (currently $16trillion), and thus Joe Heck supports a tax increase of $900,000,000,000.

Joe Heck wants to raise almost a trillion dollars in taxes, but refuses to say what taxes he will raise, aside from saying he is opposed to tax increases. How does he even make sense??

John O. are you paying attention? Heck seems not to know that tax revenues are at the lowest level since 1958 (hence large deficit spending): That corporate taxes are at the lowest level since before the Great Depression: That expenditures under Obama are the lowest in 40 years: That the GOP borrowed from the Communist government of China to pay for 2 wars, a huge tax cut (aka the Bush Tax Cuts), and Medicare D.

John O. get a damn game plan and tell the truth about the economy!

Faux News' own Andrew P. Napolitano agrees that Congress and Issa have no right to Fast and Furious criminal investigation.

"Under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, DoJ documents involved in an on-going criminal investigation can only lawfully be discussed or reviewed...with persons lawfully involved in the criminal investigation or the administration of the criminal justice system. That leaves very few human beings outside the DoJ ....with whom Attorney General Holder or his DoJ colleagues may have lawfully discussed these documents. Certainly the president [and Congressman Issa] himself would be in this category."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/20/president-obama-attorney-general-holder-and-executive-privilege/#ixzz1yMxNrFHl

Justice Scalia in his dissent in Arizona immigration law cites, CITES, (wait for it), international law.

Scalia writes, "That power to exclude has long been recognized as inherent in sovereignty. Emer de Vattel’s seminal 1758 treatise on the Law of Nations stated: “The sovereign may forbid the entrance of his territory either to foreigners in general, or in particular cases,or to certain persons, or for certain particular pur- poses, according as he may think it advantageous to the state."""

Scalia also cites, "I R. Phillimore, Commentaries upon International Law, pt. III, ch. X, p. 233 (1854)" as regards who sovereigns may exclude from their borders.

Sadly, for Montana campaign finance, Scalia finds no similar sovereign right to exclude a corporation.

Q: What does crazy ass senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and Harry Reid have in common?

A: Neither of them believe you have the right to know if the food you are eating contain genetically-modified organisms.

Reid states, "The potential benefits that biotechnology can bring to improving the quality and abundance of food crops should be balanced with our commitment to maintain consumers’ faith in the safety of the food they eat. Consumers should also have the right to decide for themselves whether to purchase foods containing GE ingredients."

So, why did Reid write one thing and vote the other way? Who the hell knows.

Reid asks the reader to recall his efforts in 1990 and 2000: as my employer reminds me, "what have you done for me TODAY".

Without allowing states to require GMO labeling, consumers are unable to decide for themselves IF the food contains GE ingredients.

Next time you want to graze at at local gaming establishment's buffet, you just might want to take a few moments and ponder.....


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