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Let's hope Nevadans are wiser today than during the Gibbon's administration....pro'lly not but more to the point why do Republican leaders insist on leaving an asshat feedback loop as their legacy? Just curious.

I keep hoping that Mitt Romney recognizes Jim Gibbons' talents and picks him as VP.

It would be a very good choice:

Gibbons is a space cadet,


being VP "isn't worth a pitcher of warm spit", as somebody famous once said.

Have to disagree. I hope you are wrong, but I also think you are. The one reaction Romney is least likely to inspire is "He's 'one of us.'" I expect the reverse is much more likely, in fact, it's a large reason why i expect that, by November, Romney's numbers are going to be down in the Goldwater/McGovern area. (Another reason is the convention, which, this year, may increase the country's popcorn consumption, between the Paulista mischief and a platform that will be as horrific as the recent Iowa State Republican Party Platform.)

The thing about Romney is that almost everyone has had an experience, an unpleasant one, with someone like him.

If you were bullied in High School or College, the odds were it was by someone like Romney -- even if you and the bully were both female.

The stupid Boss' son that git the job you tried for, reminded you a bot of Romney, didn't he?

The loan officer at the bank who looked at you with such contenpt that you pretended you just wanted to borrow a pen and got back on the regular line, the perfect image of Mittens.

If you are female, and you immediately cover your drink and protect it if a guy walks into the same party or bar, that guy could be the pal of the young Willard Romney.

The corrupt villain on last night's tv show, the evil businessman, dressed with Romney's perfection. (And SUPERNATURAL fans will see similarities between Mitt Romney and Dick Roman -- who is seen giving a large contribution to 'The Conservative Party.')

The guy in the Beamer who grabbed the parking lot you'd been trying to get for fiteen minutes, sorta seems familiar as well, when you watch a political ad this year.

There are a lot of political reasons why Romney will lose badly -- basically any position he takes will cost him more votes than it can win him, and there just isn't a large enough pool of undecided (male, white, straight -- his party has already cost him available women voters) voters to make up for the losses. But i think that, contrary to your Gibbons example, he will stir up the sort of primoridial empotions that will keep people wanting to vote for him from actually pulling the lever.

Sorry for the awful typing. My cats were reminding me I was late for their dinner and I was distracted.

Romney and McCain jonesing for war w/ Syria....hmmmm.

Why does the GOP always want to fight somebody/everybody?

Could it be a poor self image in that the last Republican administration to declare 'victory' was Lincoln?

George W. "Dubya" Bush declared "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" in Iraq. His gloating was premature. Looks like we're getting defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. And we deserve to lose.

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