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look Gleaner --- it's my GOD given right to pay the most for the 17th best health care in the world. Got it? Good.

Now got go lay down --- I broke a rib today and can't afford to go to the doctor. I suppose if I end up with a punctured lung out of it I can go to UMC and stiff the baggers, and only the baggers, with the bill. Yeah. That'd be kewl. Until then I'll just chew on this stick for my treatment.

good to see you back, for now. ;)

Gleaner, there are real problems with Obamacare. Yes, the Republicans are mostly off their rockers with their objections, but still, here are the facts:

The US medical is the most expensive medical system in the world. It costs nearly twice the cost of the 2nd most expensive system, Canada. The big difference between the US and Canada is the role of the insurance companies. In Canada, the insurance companies were thrown out of the healthcare system decades ago.
Having private insurance companies involves raises costs in two ways: (1) insurance companies make a profit and (2) insurance companies require that every medical procedure be listed, documented, and billed for separately, and fought over by the doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and patients, who are all playing "the denial game", trying to get someone else to pay for it.
Factor #2 is much more important than factor #1 in the high price of US healthcare. The upshot is that the US healthcare system supports an army of paperpushers, all playing the denial game.

If the US expanded the Medicare system to cover everybody, they would eliminate enough bureaucratic overhead to be able to cover all Americans. We're paying enough now for universal coverage, we're just not getting it.

Obamacare requires everybody to purchase health insurance from private companies. It's expensive enough to buy coverage that young, healthy people will just refuse to buy it, and pay the fine instead. That will likely kill Obamacare.

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