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Good one, Gleanster. Gave me my first morning laugh.

Remember back in 2010 when reporters were chasing Angle across parking lots, through airports and out the back bay doors of warehouses after she gave a speech (just to name a few instances), trying to ask her questions? And she ducked, dodged, hemmed and hawed to avoid.

Now, switch to today.

Sharron Angle is chasing media to get her mug thrown out there and get some stupidity out there about a non-issue.

The tables have now been turned.

I just hope the media rejects her.

How can we ignore Sharron Angle if she simply won't go away?

I say she's not even a footnote in Nevada political history, is irrelevant and should be declared persona non grata by the media.

Turnaround is fair play. Don't ya think?

I think the media should cover Sharron Angle.
She is a real nut, and that becomes clearer the more exposure she gets.
Right-wing nuts keep the Republican Party alive at the grass-roots level, as the Republican presidential primary reminds us.

Remember the poem by Calvin Trillin:

Ever since the Pilgrims found
the Indians smoking various tobaccos
America has depended
on its wackos

How true that is!

Didn't SA win a primary by making the other candidate look crazy?

SA won a primary because SL went chicken-crazy and nobody took DT seriously.

The upshot? HR re-elected. Republicans gnashed their teeth.

I wanna hear who Sharron Angle is endorsing for GOP nominee. They can't keep that one zipped up.

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