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You might politely explain, but I fucking don't. Here's my journal of the absurdity of my stupid Congressman:

November 2, 2010 – Voted into office by only 1,900 votes during an election where it was verified there indeed were a low voter turnout. I am perplexed how he got there. He never went on record that he stood for anything. Nobody knew his position on anything. This begs asking the question: And still he got elected?

November 21, 2010 – Gets an office. Said he wants to save money by sleeping on the couch there.

The only other thing he did since being elected is he dismantled all of the business/home foreclosure help phone lines here in Nevada that Representative Titus set up before. POOF. Gone. It’s no longer of any importance. Go somewhere else for help. Less Government is a good thing for Heck because it helps him make easy money and he doesn’t have to work too hard for it.

January, 2011 – One of his first votes is to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Then he evades the press and media. I can understand why. He’s embarrassed by his vote because he was actually an emergency room doctor.

February, 2011 – Expressed an interest in Yucca Mountain Project going forward for reprocessing nuclear waste. So, I guess he wants the most harmful substance known to mankind…trash from nuclear reactors all over America…to find a home in Southern Nevada.

Also, he held town hall meetings in Henderson and Boulder City. There seems to be no plans for any in Eastern Las Vegas. Nowhere even close to here. Maybe he knows we dislike him because he is doing nothing for Southern Nevada.

Also, he voted to approve the discontinuation of funding Planned Parenthood.

March 1, 2011 – Voted to give $30 billion subsidies to oil corporations.

March 17, 2011 – Voted to defund Government funding for public radio (NPR).

Also, Congressman Heck created a bill to reduce duplication in Government. In other words, a separate body that looks to make sure that something is being done, but is not already being done by someone else. Politically, this is a “softball” bill that makes him look like he’s doing something, but he’s not. In the meantime, Nevada strangles itself to death looking for jobs while he plays stupid political theater to make it look like he gives a crap.

March 22, 2011 – Went on record that he backs Mitt Romney as Republican candidate to run against President Obama.

March 23, 2011 – At a press appearance, if it came up for a vote in Congress, stated he would have voted for intervention in Libya. Unfortunately, he also stated that Ghadafi, in recent years, has mended his ways and has almost become an ally of the United States. Which is it, Heck? Or are you just a derelict when it comes to foreign policy?

Also, he referred to the Affordable Care Act. "One year later ObamaCare fails to deliver on costs, spending and preserving existing coverage," Nevada Rep. Joe Heck remarked on his tweet, “We need patient-centered, not govt, solutions!" (NOTE FOR THE RECORD: Congressman Heck loves to use that brain dead Republican Party mantra one word speak “Obamacare.” That wording clearly shows he just wants it gone, sides with the Tea Party goons, wants to go back to the health insurance people controlling things, and, most importantly, he’s not interested in offering up any other viable alternative to the Affordable Care Act.)

March 31, 2011 – Congressman Heck again went on record the Yucca Mountain Project should be pursued in order to reprocess nuclear waste. (NOTE: It has already been proven in France that there are problems with reprocessing spent radioactive waste. It’s very, very expensive. It takes an inordinate amount of time to do. And lastly, it is STILL not a proven science; the talk is way further along than the perfected technology.)

April 2, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted to approve stripping union rights from FAA workers. His horrible trend of doing everything and anything Speaker Boehner says continues without any break in action. Congressman Heck works for Boehner only, and not Nevada. He is not permitted to vote his own mind, only toe the line with dumb neo-conservative party politics.

April 15, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted to approve a budget bill supposedly created by Representative Ryan (R-WI) that completely destroys Medicare and replaces it with an inferior voucher system, while at the same time gives those savings to the rich by wording thinly veiled in the bill that makes the Bush Tax Cuts permanent. By his vote to approve this bill, he basically went on record he cares nothing for senior citizens here in Nevada, nor their health. They can all die as far as he’s concerned.

April, 2011 – Congressman Heck, during the recess, goes to Pakistan. But upon return to Nevada, decided not to hold any town hall meetings during the recess. This was predominantly decided because of hearing about the backlash against other Congress Representatives around the nation faced for deciding to vote for and destroy Medicare/Medicaid with the stupid Ryan Plan. Congressman Heck elected to hide from constituents, run away with his tail between his legs in hopes everything dies down.

May 1, 2011 – Congressman Heck appears on a right wing radio show broadcast in Nevada and pushes for the voucher system proposed by Representative Ryan (R-WI) be the law of the land. Heck could not adequately answer questions about the implications for failure of a voucher system; one he approved by his vote. He just offered up vague generalities and avoided pointed questions.

May 4, 2011 – Congressman Heck called for the release of photos of Osama Bin Laden’s death. Even after DNA and photo facial recognition analyses have proved beyond a doubt it is Bin Laden, I guess that isn’t good enough for my Congressman, who seemed to be of the ilk that is apparently sensitive to conspiracies or something. But in fact it’s really only a continuation of stupid Tea/Republican Party tactics of always being in the all-out attack mode perpetually.

May 5, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted to approve not one, not two, but three different bills related to stopping abortion or any type of government funding for them (one of them from back on February 18).

Also, Congressman Heck voted to deny any type of restrictions on Wall Street futures marketers. They get to do what they want because they’re rich and might contribute to his campaign coffers.

Additionally, Congressman Heck voted to disapprove a Democratic Party sponsored bill to remove tax subsidies for the five largest oil companies.

(NOTE: STILL to this date, there are absolutely no bills approved that will affect the job market and promoting new jobs for the American people. And, as a reminder, this is something that he, along with a lot of other brain dead Tea/Republican Representatives in Congress, all campaigned on. Actions do speak louder than words. Not in the Tea Party world though. Words are more important, but actions only count for the rich.)

May 10, 2011 – I received a call last night, robotic, which declared Congressman Heck was giving a speech or asking for questions or wanting me to participate in a poll and the important thing I needed to know was that it was toll free. I hung up because it’s stupid. This happened to me a few months ago, something dealing with my brain dead Congressman Heck along the same lines (hung up then too…stupid). It’s like I’m going to ask questions into a phone, out of sight out of mind, while other areas of the United States, the constituents there have town hall meetings that actually see their Congressman and interact. The key fact is that Congressman Heck only conducts town hall meetings in places he deems are sympathetic to his cause (before he did them in Boulder City and Henderson), but he continually avoids and basically runs away from his constituents in the eastern part of Las Vegas. All of his constituents have to suffer because he lacks totally in personality and interpersonal communication skills.

May 18, 2011 – Congressman Heck held a town hall meeting in Boulder City. He faced just about 50 people who were displeased I guess with each other and also Heck. "I'm not saying it's the best idea, but it's the only one and the best being proposed now," Heck said, emphasizing that the government needs to cut back spending to reasonable, sustainable levels. He totally and completely doubled down on his support for the Ryan Plan that would destroy Medicare and replace it with a proven inferior voucher policy, all so that those precious Bush Tax Cuts for the filthy rich would be permanent. All during this town hall, Congressman Heck told the mostly senior citizen crowd it would not affect their benefits. But there seemed to be no mention about the next few generations of Americans that would be dumped out in the cold with little, inadequate or no medical care.

May 24, 2011 – Again, I got a message from Congressman Heck to participate in some live something or other where I ask questions into a phone. Glad I didn’t hear the phone ring and answer it. For some reason he deems it is absolutely imperative I participate in asking him a question he don’t want to answer. Stupid. And since this is about the third time I’ve experienced this type of phone call so far this year, it’s very apparent he won’t hold town hall meetings in eastern Las Vegas. He seems to clearly be afraid of us.

May 26, 2011 – Congressman Heck has voted against two bills. One calls for troop withdrawals and the other calls for the end of the Afghanistan War. I guess he’s no longer interested in looking at gruesome corpse photos of Bin Laden to verify his demise anymore. He’s accepted it as an unmitigated fact.

May 31, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted against raising the debt ceiling. This is pretty much akin to running up a debt on a credit card, then telling the company you have decided not to pay and I’m taking my ball, my bat and my glove and I’m going home. Heck chooses to follow the Tea/Republican Party idiocy of holding the entirety of America hostage; all to push a warped ideology where party politics is far more important than the stability of America or its chance of economic recovery.

June 2011 – Congressman Heck voted alongside other brain dead Tea/Republicans in the house to cut $35 million from USDA food safety efforts. I wonder what happens if someday he eats a bad batch of tomatoes. He would have nobody to blame but himself if he ends up with an incurable case of diarrhea.

June 2, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted for security grants for American cities, extending the requirement from the top ten cities to include Las Vegas (ranked 17). This bill passed.

June 7, 2011 – Congressman Heck handed out a pamphlet at his town hall meeting (unknown where that town hall meeting was) where he stated he misspoke about Social Security being “a pyramid scheme.” But in that pamphlet, he still attacked Social Security and wanted to do something else with it. Just another in a long list of things the voters here in Nevada will not like.

June 8, 2011 – Congressman Heck held a town hall meeting in Henderson with only about 75 people in attendance. He totally avoided all questions regarding Social Security and what he said before about it being “a pyramid scheme.” At the end of the town hall, Congressman Heck ran away to a private room when reporters tried to question him.

It should be noted that still he chooses to avoid constituents in Eastern Las Vegas.
Congressman Heck, in recent days, has appeared as a guest at numerous right wing radio talk stations in Nevada and flip flopped, telling a caller that Social Security is indeed “a Ponzi pyramid scheme.” Then, he goes somewhere else and states the opposite.

Congressman Heck loves to play one end against the other, not caring what lies he tells one constituent to the next.

June 21, 2011 – There is nothing but deafening silence after two weeks. Not one single peep from Congressman Heck. He seems to basically be in hiding from the media and people during this time off from Congress. Especially after his disastrous comments about Social Security being “a Ponzi based pyramid scheme.” Such is life in a Tea/Republican Party hell. He seems to be just one of many out of touch freshmen Tea/Republican Congressman. Congressman Heck decides not to break away from them; gladly joining their uninformed, brain dead ranks.

Congressman Heck surprisingly came out today leading a charge for President Obama to get troops out of Libya, introducing some bill about it. The truth of the matter is this is basically a waste of time because it’s not going to get past the Senate, nor will it pass approval from the President, besides the fact there are actually no American troops in Libya. The main thing to note here is that Congressman Heck would absolutely love for people to concentrate attention on this and what he says, and to forget what he says about Social Security being “a pyramid scheme.” He is desperate to get away from that. We really should not let him off the hook for telegraphing without any doubt from him that he wants to destroy Social Security.

Continuing on into the early evening, I get yet another robotic phone call from my brain dead Congressman Heck where some voice over the phone permeates the airwaves and asks for me to participate in some kind of question/answer thing and this non-person, some kind of previously recorded voice reminds me this phone call is toll free and that I can ask my Congressman a question that may or may not get an answer. But the main point to this political theater is that Congressman Heck, through his beneficial nature, gets to pick or choose if he may or may not answer. Anyways, I hung up on this utterly stupid pointless robotic crap. It’s like talking to a non-existent voice that basically don’t care if you ask a question or not or if there is someone there. The main point they want to do is to say they did something so it can be added to some dumb statistics that say, HEY! LOOK! I’m doing something! But really they seem to game some kind of stupid system that only they are interested in playing, all at the expense of others who aren’t interested in these phony games. Anyways, way before they tried to inform me that I would receive a free 10-piece Teflon pots and pans Vanna White gift set made by Ronco or something like that just for staying on the line and asking questions of my Congressman, I hung up on this stupidity again. Because I know, just as other constituents in my Congressional District know, my Congressman is afraid of all of his constituents and he don’t want us to ask questions of him face-to-face. I, as well as others, correctly come to the awareness that he fears us. The only way he won’t fear us is if we promise to donate money to him. Then for some dumb reason, he thinks we’re his friend. Or some other type of stupidity like that. Anyways, I hung up on this complete idiocy. It should be noted this is actually about the fourth robot call I’ve received by Congressman “Robo” Heck. Because we all know it does not make a difference at all. Congressman Heck could care less if we have a steady diet of protein rich cat food. He just wants the statistics to loudly proclaim from the rooftops, LOOK! SEE! Behold the magnificent things I’m doing! I am indeed awesome!

June 13, 2011 – Congressman Jeff Landry (R-LA) composed a freshman coalition letter to stop all recess appointments by President Obama during the entire 112th Congress. Guess who signs it? Congressman Heck. He is now on record to fight any and all appointments for vital posts to conduct American business, but not only that, but to make sure the President doesn’t conduct recess appointments. Congressman Heck is a good, brain dead Tea/Republican. He’s covered all the bases and does everything he possibly can do to destroy President Obama and his entire administration. Even if all of America is held hostage to warped and antiquated Tea/Republican hell world visions.

June 24, 2011 - Voted to reject a proposed Democratic amendment to the report that would have required the committee to support maintaining or increasing funding for job creation and training programs under the Workforce Investment Act. In this vote, Tea/Republicans basically shot down an amendment that would have helped create jobs, in essence turned their backs on greater support for adult education, literacy programs and dislocated workers. Congressman Heck, in his vote to reject, just slapped every unemployed worker in Nevada silly and could care less about them.

June 27, 2011 – The only good thing I can say about my Congressman is that out of just about 478 roll call votes to this day, he hasn’t missed a single vote. So, just like any obedient Tea/Republican Party freshman, he is putting his best foot forward to ensure that he votes exactly how Speaker Boehner wants him to vote. Good on you, Congressman Heck. Toe that line relentlessly and constantly lick the boots of your esteemed Speaker without any complaint, Representative Heck.

July 4, 2011 – It should be noted that there is absolutely no rating on Representative Heck at all. And this goes back to 2010. Way before he was elected. On a Project Vote Smart website which tabulates voting records of all members of Congress, stances on issues and positions they espouse, it states that he refused to tell Nevada citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders, he refused to fill one out. He ignored them all and decided not to go on record for any position at all. My question is this: How the hell did he get elected? When nobody has a clue what he stands for? All I know is I didn’t vote for him. Big snow job on Nevada CD3 voters, you ask me. He could be an Islamo teleprompter reading Communist, and they mistakenly voted him into office. It should also be noted that still, to this day, he hasn’t went down officially on record for a position on any damn thing. The only way you can figure him out is when he votes. And even that ain’t a good gauge. But this is life living in a Tea/Republican hell parallel universe in CD3.

July 5, 2011 – Checked my mailbox. I got an information handout from Congressman Heck who states, “I am here to help you and your family. I hope you find this information about the many services I can offer useful.” Wonderful. He cares. So I turn over this government mailer over to find out exactly what services he can provide. It says they can help with Federal Agency assistance such as Social Security, IRS, Medicare, VA , Immigration or housing issues. This seemed perplexing since Congressman Heck, ever since being elected, is trying to destroy every one of those institutions. As a matter of fact, regarding housing issues, Congressman Heck, upon first stepping into his office, dismantled everything that Representative Titus set up for phone hotline assistance on Nevada business/home foreclosure issues. He could care less about it.

Anyways, I read on: He can provide help with Service Academy nominations, flags and tourist attractions, White House greetings, internships and health tips. Great. Wonderful stuff. I live in Nevada and don’t understand to turn my air conditioner on when it turns 100 degrees out? I’m glad my Congressman can assist me with rocket science. But what’s missing from his offers of assistance? Jobs bills, economic relief, both nationally and in Nevada, and trying to get people employed and back to work! That’s what I want my brain dead Congressman to do! But it surely seems that ever since his useless carcass sat down in Congress, he has done nothing but obstruct, vote no, stand in the way and basically do nothing; all in order to follow party politics. To this day, this 112th Congress has not introduced one jobs bill. But I’m provided useless crap I could care less about. This stuff is actually free if I pursued getting it through other avenues.

To continue, attached to this mailer is a card that can be detached and mailed back to Congressman Heck. It has a bunch of things you can check to tell him exactly what should be addressed by him. Yes. Jobs and the economy are on there. But my question is this? Is my Congressman so far out of touch with his constituents that he has to find out what they are interested in? If he would just stay away from right wing nutball shock radio jocks and get out there and mingle with people and find out, then he should have never been elected in the first place. But still this guy will get all these postcards and then show up back at Congress and not sign the debt ceiling and repeat that lame excuse all the brain dead Tea/Republican freshmen say, “I’m doing the will of the people.” Well, to hell with this, Heck. I’m not mailing this back to you. Get out there and find out, damnit! You were elected to lead, so perhaps it would be nice to see you do that. The Tea/Republican Party hell world life in CD3 continues. I want this idiot gone. I didn’t vote for this rodeo clown. And people who did, should really, really start feeling buyer’s remorse by about now.

July 8, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted on a bill to slow down passage of any regulation to get out of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military. It basically slows down repeal of DADT and reaffirms a Federal ban on gay marriage. The Tea/Republican Party rape of America ruling from underneath the President continues. And Heck does not disappoint his party. Still no jobs bills or anything that will do a damn thing to fix this economy; just a willingness to follow the crowd and point at President Obama and scream, “He did it! He did it!”

July 12, 2011 – Again, my brain dead Congressman calls my home phone and leaves me a message stating he was conducting a telephonic town hall meeting. And that he was sorry he missed me, but I could stay on the line and, um, do something. I don’t know what that something was because I erased the stupid message at that point. I’m not sure if he was giving out something free for my vote or he was abdicating the throne or whatever it was he wanted to say to me.

I need to make sure people understand this is about the fifth call of this nature from Congressman Heck. And I guess he wanted me to ask him a question. I can’t think of anything except this one: How come he doesn’t physically come to Eastern Las Vegas and hold a town hall meeting and meet and answer questions from his constituents? But no, that’s probably a question he doesn’t want to answer.

Meanwhile, my life in a Tea/Republican Party hell world continues.

July 19, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted to cut off funding for Yucca Mountain Project. Also, Congressman Heck attempted to put an amendment on there to have research performed to reprocess nuclear waste for re-use. Amendment failed and was tossed. Thank God we have Senator Reid in our corner to keep nuclear garbage out of Nevada.

Also, Congressman Heck voted for “Cut, Cap and Balance” budget plan. This bill is a total waste. It only furthers the Ryan Plan times ten and only seeks to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while at the same time lowering the tax cuts for the rich even more. In other circles, this bill is called “Duck, Dodge and Dismantle.” It won’t pass Senate. Nor would the President on his worst day ever sign it. This is yet another example of my useless and party politicking Congressman living in an alternate universe, thereby causing my days living in a Tea/Republican Party hell world to seemingly go on without end. While Congressman Heck votes for this crappy plan, we are still slowly creeping forwards to inevitable economic meltdown on a par never before seen in America. It will make the Great Depression look like a picnic if the debt ceiling is not raised. Already there are signs that Wall Street is shifting allegiances and stating emphatically the U.S. will fail; all in order to make money off of that eventuality. Everyone knows their favorite color is green (money) and not red, white and blue (patriotism).

Also, Heck voted to approve making the largest cut in American history to the Pell Grants. Heck is now all across the board for equal opportunity hatred. He hates education and students also.

July 20, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted for a bill that authorizes capping the Transportation Department’s Essential Air Service subsidy at $1,000.00 per passenger. By doing this, it immediately targeted closing down Ely, Nevada airport for an indefinite time. This now effectively destroys the economy of that town, making it virtually hopeless for them to even initiate any more steps for economic recovery. This bill was only meant to bust unions and nothing else. Because of this bill, the Ely Airport will cause FAA to lose its authority to operate, has to shut down temporarily and thousands of employees will end up furloughed. Good job, Heck. Life in Nevada in a Tea/Republican Party created hell world continues without any break in action.

July 25, 2011 – Work on the new control tower at McCarran Airport here in Las Vegas was stopped. Mainly, because the Congress failed to pass legislation that would have freed up money to fund the Federal Air Administration. This effectively put 1,252 construction workers on furlough. With no earthly clue when they will get employment ever again for jobs there at McCarran Airport. Good job, Congressman Heck. By your vote, you have successfully confirmed that not only did you kill jobs in Southern Nevada, but also tourists are prevented from coming to Las Vegas as well. Way to go, Heck. Destroy the livelihood of Las Vegas by preventing tourists from coming here. A place that covers your Congressional District that he serves now falls under the ax of the Tea Party nut cases, with Heck leading the charge. My life in a Tea/Republican Party hell continues.

July 29, 2011 – Voted for the Boehner Plan to raise the debt ceiling. But it added on stupid stuff like doing this same debacle again in six months, along with yet another thinly veiled attempt to dismantle, defund and destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

August 1, 2011 – At exactly 6:25PM tonight, I received another phone call, unfortunately while I was in the middle of a phone call with a friend and was unable to answer it, where my esteemed Congressman Heck called to invite me to not my first, not my second, not my third, not my fourth, not my fifth, but to my sixth bull snookey conference call where I’m permitted by His Omnipotent and Most Eminent Congressman Grand Poobah Extraordinaire the unbelievable privilege of asking a question into a telephonic instrument. And this question pervades through the wires to invade Congressman Heck’s brain dead workers to decide whether they wish to connect it to their boss to bequeath to me an answer or to just afford them another opportunity to hang up on my carcass. And of course they are going to hang up. It is a known fact that Heck doesn’t like to meet with constituents in Eastern Las Vegas and answer tough questions. He has deigned to only talk with us via telephone. And he uses the telephone call to bolster his statistics to tell other brain dead Tea/Republican Party constituents that he is indeed reaching out to ask questions, but not really. Much like Rush Limbaugh when he goes into his radio station, hermetically sealed, then decides whether he will answer a phone call or not. He gets the right to hang up. Whether it’s a statistic or not? Only Heck and his brain dead followers decide.

Anyways, here’s from Heck’s lips from the House floor: “We have dollar-for-dollar cuts, no new taxes, and accountability ... Those are the three things I wanted to see, and those three things are there,” Heck said. “I don’t know how anybody would want to see our nation default, have its credit rating degraded, and increase the cost of lending to their people back home.”

Such is life living in a Tea/Republican Party hell world in Heck’s district.

Actually, I think he called me to gloat about how they held America hostage to Tea Party ideals and won; due to this diabolical debt ceiling deal. Inevitably, Congressman Heck voted to raise the debt ceiling. Actually, it’s gotten to the point I don’t care how or if he voted on this issue. The soonest I can vote this clown out will be for the best.

August 2, 2011 – Received a letter from Congressman Heck. His main focus was to scare me into thinking Medicare will bankrupt itself and it’s in crisis mode. So, therefore, without actually saying it out loud, Congressman Heck has this letter that basically states he fully supports the Ryan Plan to end Medicare and replace it with an inferior voucher program, all thinly veiled to make sure that more and more tax cuts go to the filthy rich. The real purpose Congressman Heck wants is to destroy Medicare in its entirety.

Quote from the letter: “Unfortunately, some people are using scare tactics and misinformation.”

Oh? Really?!?!! Guess that’s what you did in the opening paragraph of your dumb letter.

“Putting partisanship ahead of policy just isn’t right and these scare tactics are designed to advance partisan goals – not to save Medicare.”

Please. This is the pot calling the kettle black. This has been a Tea/Republican goal for years and years and years to destroy Medicare. Even before some rocket scientist political guru created the Tea Party. Congressman Heck simply doesn’t want Medicare saved. He wants to make money off of it with his rich buddies.
The letter goes on to make sure I understand this plan will not abolish Medicare, the plan will not cut benefits to seniors and the plan will replace Medicare with a voucher system. It will abolish Medicare. And the voucher system proposed will in fact be inferior in future generations to serve any purpose. Well, except to benefit Tea/Republicans in office.
“As a physician, I have cared for thousands of patients on Medicare and know, firsthand, how important Medicare is to the health and well-being of our seniors: We must protect and preserve Medicare – before it’s too late.”

Your history as a physician was presumably admirable, and I’m sure you were a good doctor who followed the Hippocratic Oath. Well, based on your new position, you have morphed into a heartless bastard of a politician. Your voting record is horrible and you now follow the Hypocritical Boast. The above sentence is a blatant lie.

Congressman Heck wants Medicare destroyed and replaced with a system that is not even spelled out to account for future costs, nor is it a dynamic system that will keep up with changes nor adequately serve seniors. It only provides for the health care providers, but will end up killing off senior citizens through neglect, poor service, indifference and not paying for even basic services.

The letter expounds on other Tea/Republican goals. Goals I have no interest in helping them with because they are against anyone’s self-interest, even if you were in possession of half a working and functional brain. The rest of the letter just hits those stupid talking points that only serve his interest.

I was also conveniently provided some stupid postcard that I was supposed to fill out to tell my esteemed Congressman what I’m interested about.

Okay. You got it, Heck.

I filled out the card that accompanied the letter by my brain dead Congressman Heck.
It had a bunch of blocks constituents could check to tell him what their concerns are and what areas he should address in Congress.

With an indelible black Sharpie, I wrote in big letters across the whole back of it, "JOBS AND THE ECONOMY!"

Off to the side, with a regular pen, I wrote, "If you don't know this is a priority then you have no business in Congress."

I have to admit I was tempted to use more flowery adjectives and adverbs learned from past experience in the U.S. Navy (I’m a retired Veteran), but I kept it PG rated. It required immense self-restraint though.
I mailed it.

I just hope others did also.

I guess I am now content with the fact that his staffers will frantically be collecting them all and piling them up in a dipsy-dumpster somewhere in Washington, DC; forgotten forever because it didn’t fit with an extreme and radical agenda.

Congressman Heck has proven he simply doesn’t listen. He'll do more to destroy jobs and the economy than help. Because that fits in with the Tea/Republican Party master plan of the complete and utter destruction of President Obama and his entire administration. THAT is their sole and only goal right now.

I also looked a few times for a block I could check on it and inform him that I was voting him out of office the soonest possible opportunity. I couldn’t seem to find it there anywhere. Guess I’ll have to surprise him later.

My life living in a Tea/Republican hell world of Congressman Heck’s making continues without any break in the action.

August 9, 2011 – Heck held somewhat of a town hall somewhere (couldn’t figure out where it was though).

To sum it up, it went horrible for him. It didn’t go as planned. Protesters were there slamming him for his connections to “big oil.” One protester was kicked out for wearing a “Beyond Coal” Sierra Club t-shirt. As a matter of fact, attendees weren’t sure if it was private or open to the public. Local constituents weren’t permitted to ask questions of their Congressman.

From all appearances, a consulting firm who works with “big oil” shielded Heck, an elected public servant, from the public.
Heck said one of our energy problems is that “we can’t utilize fracking to its full potential”. So our energy solution lies in a dangerous practice going after a limited amount of natural gas? And how is that supposed to help us in Nevada?

He also explained about the wonders of “clean coal,” which is nonsense. There is no such thing as “clean coal.” This is just logical common sense. You don’t need a degree in physics to figure that out.

So who does Joe Heck really serve? It doesn’t sound like he’s doing anything to help us in Nevada. Heck, he won’t even listen to us!

August 27, 2011 – During this break of the useless 112th Congress, of which my Congressman Heck is a part of and don’t contribute anything worth a damn to, he participated in his second in a row town hall meeting for only select invited guests with a cover charge to see him. This happened in Sun City Anthem. I’m glad to see he was confronted by protesters outside carrying signs stating that Joe Heck now is a willing participant of only “Pay Per View” town hall meetings.

The sad thing was what happened to the people who protested. I guess some other people there called security, who in turn called Henderson Police on them. The complaint was that the protesters were “trespassing.” Thankfully, no one got roughed up nor slammed in the Henderson Hoosegow.

Such is life in the Tea/Republican Party hell world of Heck’s making. I was glad to see video of this and was reconciled by the fact there are others out there who feel like me about this idiot of a Congressman.

It is now confirmed. Not only does he run away from constituents where I live in Eastern Las Vegas, but it happens also in the Sun City Anthem area. I am comforted to see others think he’s useless too.

August 29, 2011 – Checked the mail and found another letter from Congressman Heck. Once again he proves he never listens to his constituents, only following party political lines of thought, reasoning and most importantly, some kind of warped strategy only known to him and Speaker of the House Boehner. Excerpts and comments:
“You likely are aware that our nation is facing critical issues related to our budget.”

Perhaps this is so. But you want the panic button hit and snow the people into outrage.

“It’s time to pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

No. Heck acts like him and his stupid Tea/Republican lightweight cronies in the House of Representatives are the only ones concerned with this. There is no need for this course of action. President Obama and his administration demonstrate they do things that the previous administration didn’t do for a horrible eight long years: They make sure something is paid for before doing it. Also, it should be noted Tea/Republicans are only worried about deficits when someone else is in charge; using it for party politic purposes. But when they get in power, they spend worse than a drunken Sailor on liberty in Singapore.

“Frankly, I don’t trust Washington to address this problem with future promises—both sides have spent more money than we have and created an unnecessary, but very real crisis.”

No. This is directed only at President Obama. Tea/Republicans, like I said above, could care less about the budget. They want yet another (debt ceiling was the one before) manufactured crisis to pound out their party politics again.

Only time a Tea/Republican worries about a balanced budget is when a Democrat is President. They want to starve the beast, get that money back in the coffers, so that when they get into power, they can again spend like Paris Hilton shopping for clothes with a limitless credit card. Heck seems to fall in well with this Tea/Republican Party policy. He fails to realize the most rational way to balance a budget is over a period of time with sane fiscal policy. Not this slice and dice to turn it into purely political party avenue that the Tea/Republicans just love to go down all the time.

“We need to put the rhetoric and gamesmanship aside and deal with real solutions in spending.”

The pot is calling the kettle black. The Tea/Republican Party, on the whole, pursues this as a policy. Now they say the other side is doing it. Additionally, spending is not the crisis. Revenue and jobs are, but that don’t fit in with the Tea/Republican zombie apocalypse, scorched earth policy to try to snow the American voters to get back into power.

“As a doctor, nothing was worse than delivering bad news to my patients.”

Oh, please, Mr. Heck. Don’t fall back on those doctor days. Because every indication shows that nowadays, you are not a doctor. You have welcomed the opportunity to be a cold, calculating, heartless and ruthless bastard of a politician. You forgot all that doctor stuff the moment you got elected. By words and deeds so far in office this is nothing but the truth. Take them sheepskins off of your wall and throw them in the trash. You no longer follow the Hippocratic Oath. You participate only in hypocritical boasts.
I could go on more about what this stupid letter tries to do.

The main thing about this that puts a sour taste in my mouth is the fact that, back in November of 2010, the American voters decided jobs were the most important thing. And that they wanted divided Government. They voted accordingly.
Well, we got the divided Government. Oh boy did we get it. A dysfunctional, do nothing Congress.

Now, all of a sudden, Heck is saying to balance the budget is more important than the economy and providing people with jobs?
Something is really, really wrong.

My immersion in a Tea/Republican Party hell world of Congressman Heck’s making continues for me. With no chance of getting even an ice cube to relieve the third degree burns that cover my whole body.

September 1, 2011 – Because of the last two town hall meetings by Congressman Heck that required a cover charge, a price for admission, whatever you want to call it, a lot of people in CD3 here are howling mad. People are now affectionately referring to our Congressman as Joe “Pay Per View” Heck.
I read a blog where a bunch of people decided to counter that by conducting a town hall meeting in an economic devastated area of Las Vegas rife with home/business foreclosures. They decided to have this town hall meeting without Congressman Heck in attendance.

So, now the Heckless Town Hall meetings have come to fruition. When’s the next one? I want to go!

September 6, 2011 – Just two days before President Obama’s speech to unveil a large job bill in front of Congress, Mr. Mitt Romney shows up in ravaged North Las Vegas to give his jobs bill, outlined in detail while standing in front a trucking company (that, by the way, sells Japanese truck parts). Guess who shows up to give an introductory speech? You guessed it: My stupid Congressman.

What’s wrong with this picture? To match Heck with job creation is pretty much like putting whipped cream on a hotdog. It does not work. This is only a photo op for Representative Heck. An easy one where he says softball stuff that’s non-controversial. Because all the attention is on Romney, but he still gets to throw his face out there, and not have to field any serious questions. Not like he would anyways.

Everyone here in Las Vegas knows that to see your Congressman nowadays usually requires a cover charge nowadays. With Mr. Joe “Pay Per View” Heck, it’s even money you won’t get a straight answer out of him.

September 13, 2011 – At about 7PM, I received a phone call: Another teleconference call with my Congressman. This is now about the seventh teleconference call.

To tell the truth, I usually hang up. Or choose not to answer. Because of the simple fact that Heck is certified to be a horse’s behind. Still is.

But for some stupid reason which I cannot explain, I decided to listen on as others asked questions of my Do Nothing Tea/Republican Congressman. In the early stages of this conference call, I wasn’t disappointed. Heck basically said he would approve parts of President Obama’s jobs bill, but reject probably a major portion of the rest. As well as other talking points only understood if you are a brain dead Tea/Republican.

Anyways, while I was waiting for some stupid Heck stooge to come on the line and ask me if I had a question, to which I really, really wanted to tell the Heck stooge that I don’t have a question, could care less what Heck thinks about the price of rice in China or anything, only thing I wanted to do was tell them that I was going to do everything in my power to vote Heck out of power because I think he is useless, but I decided not to stay on anymore because I missed another call whilst listening to this malarkey.

I was put in a position where I had to hang up on my useless Congressman before I could tell him that he was in fact not worth a damn.

Because the phone call I missed was from a neighbor. She is a fifth grade teacher here in Clark County.

So, I did the right thing.

I hung up on this stupid teleconference call and called my neighbor back.


Because she is of far more social value than my Congressman is!

She works to teach school kids. Even after facing an onslaught from a Tea/Republican Governor (Sandoval) who has done his level best to gut education in Nevada and blame it on everyone else except him. And she willingly faces the challenges; even after facing shortages and threats of them trying to force her into retirement.

My neighbor is a hero. She deserves more respect and all of my attention more than my stupid Congressman.

No more needs to be said.

Other than the fact that living in Eastern Las Vegas in a Tea/Republican hell world of Heck’s making continues still. And there is no sign of relief from this idiocy yet.

September 15, 2011 – Early afternoon, I received another phone call to join a teleconference with Congressman Heck. This makes I guess the eighth one invited to participate with. I don’t think it’s really that Heck wants to talk to me, but he just wants to pad his stupid statistical numbers.

Since at the time I was driving (he left a message), I didn’t answer it. Anyways, it will soon be against the law to talk on a cell phone whilst driving, I wanted to get a head start on making sure I comply. I don’t have any “hands free” stuff for my cell phone.

Oh well. He’d just hang up on me anyways. Because I didn’t have a question I wanted to ask, just an observation in that I thought he was useless and am going to pound the pavements to get the word out before the next election to make sure he’s voted out of office.

September 29, 2011 – Congressman Heck voted on a bill to help destroy America and everything we stand for: The Labor/Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill. The bill has so many attached nonsensical riders, it is basically labeled a cosmic Tea/Republican propaganda effort so much so that you can understand reading hieroglyphics on the side of an Egyptian pyramid better than reading this drivel. In this bill, it deals with cutting for heating services for the poor, requires the repeal of a major provision of the health care law that will help provide assistance for disabled people, halts implementation of the entire law until the U.S. Supreme Court determines the constitutionality of its individual insurance mandate, and basically attacks and slashes the entirety of Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting. The Tea/Republican Party in the House is in a blatant slash and burn tactical frenzy mode. The bill not only has all these dozens of radical legislative riders thrown in there by the Chairman, but they also include kicking hundreds of thousands of students out of the Pell Grants program as well as decimating programs that train unemployed workers to get a new job.

It doesn’t end there. One of the riders in this bill removes regulations that protect workers. In the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, it has been defunded through the Labor Department. From now on, workers can succumb to coal dust, fall from the top of construction projects and other workplace hazards will be allowed to happen.
Tea/Republicans just don’t care about people. It’s all about money. Safety measures don’t matter anymore when it deals with getting rid of regulations and allowing large companies and corporations to make obscene amounts of money.
This all comes on the heels of the imbecilic Tea/Republican Party majority in the House of Representatives taking America to the brink of shutdown not once, not twice, but now this is the third manufactured crisis. Everything is not normal with the Tea/Republicans in the House. Every damn thing is a crisis and a debacle nowadays. It’s all a real shame. America, in the last election, asked for a divided Government. In turn, we got only a dysfunctional Government of the Tea/Republican Party making. And when you point it out to them, they immediately start pointing fingers and screaming, IT’S THEM! NOT ME! THEM! THEY are causing all this!

Congressman Heck probably asks Speaker Boehner where is the block he has to check to approve this to happen. Because he does what he’s told, not what the people of Nevada want. My life in a Tea/Republican Party hell world here in Nevada continues as Heck agrees with killing off American workers left and right. You want protection from Heck? No. It’s not going to happen. You are all insignificant to him. He simply doesn’t care.

October 13, 2011 – Jobs are still the number one thing coming out of the peoples’ lips. As well as coming from President Obama. But Congressman Heck goes into chambers and participates with other brain dead Tea/Republicans pursuing yet another anti-abortion bill. According to the running count now, this makes the seventh bill. And it says the same as all the other six before. I guess the Hyde Amendment is not enough for people who are determined to be in charge of every single vagina, uterus, womb and pubic region of every single woman in America. It’s like the next time a female patient goes into a doctor’s office, standing off to the side is Congressman Heck with his arms crossed, with a stern look on his face, closely monitoring and imposing his political will on all women. Pretty creepy thought, you ask me.

October 15, 2011 – GOOD NEWS! It appears the re-districting offers a light at the end of the tunnel for my endeavor to escape from a Tea/Republican Party hell world of Congressman Heck’s making. It seems like I have escaped from him now.

According to new maps that may be approved shortly, I’m in CD1 for urban Las Vegas. Congressman Heck is in CD3 for the southern parts of Nevada to include Henderson and Laughlin. GLORY HALLELUJAH! But take heart people, I’ll still help you get rid of him. After all, he’s still useless, not for me, but a host of others now.

November 2011 to present: No word from Congressman Heck on anything. No town halls. Never had them before here in Eastern Las Vegas, but it’s reality now and confirmed he doesn’t want anything to do with us. No more robotic phone calls. No more telephonic town hall meetings. Why? He knows we’re soon to be in a new district. So, that makes ALL of us persona non grata. He can’t make money from us anymore. He doesn’t have to serve us anymore. And he knows we don’t care about him, nor will we listen to his propaganda. We’re in limbo. My life in a Tea/Republican Party hell world continues. But this is more from being ignored. This will go on at least until the elections in November 2012.

My journal ends there. But it doesn’t end for CD3. Get rid of this bum and get someone more productive. You deserve better.

Good information in Colin, but it's too long.
Too long
Too Long
Too long
Nobody is gonna read all the way through this. It's like chewing your way through a mountain of mashed potatoes.

I know it's too long. And I apologize.

But I got long winded only because I jotted down notes on my computer as it transpired and it developed into a long running thing.

But I took a chance because I wanted to explain in explicit detail what an infection this Tea Party thing is to the Republican Party. Not only here in CD3, but all over the nation.

Again, I apologize for the length of it, Observer.

And to you too, I apologize for possibly my longest tirade ever, Gleanster. If you feel it is glomming up things, you have my permission to remove it.

@ Observer,
Like mashed potatoes or perhaps discrete math. ;)

Observer does have a point. Love your passion brother but brevity is an art. :)

Colin, maybe you should have started your own blog for that, since you were jotting it down as it was going on. In fact, you still can. ihatejoeheck.blogspot.com is available. You could repost some of that stuff every couple of days...probably have enough to last you through November.

You seem to think John Oceguera is the only Democrat running for CD-3 I am the only candidate that can beat Joe Heck. The district is split between Republicans and Democrats but there are 49,000 Independents that will carry this election and I will receive the bulk of those having run in 2010 as an Independent.

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