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Your E.D.--that's economic development--plan is sound to be sure. There are a few things I'd like to point out and add on, thereby making the final plan the Hugh Jackson Plan with Add On-or, Hugjadon.

First, E.D.--that's economic development--seems to take place around a college or university. Besides geography, which dictates access to ports, railways, roads, weather, natural resources, etc., work force seems to be the major driver. For example, I don't think there's anything that special about Silicon Valley other than the fact they puke out thousands of super well educated engineering grads. Of course, there used to be a vibrant defense industry to absorb them, but the technology industry followed the graduates after defense was a little weaker. I would like to see E.D.--that's economic development--be based in each university soliciting industry for major programs, graduate programs, and State-funded research they might be able to use. Rather than tax incentives, maybe the State could simply subsidize, through the University, something that would be quantifiably beneficial.

Next, your plan raises taxes on gaming and mining to expand E.D.--that's economic development--in Nevada. Though you indirectly mention it, it is important to understand: why does the state, which relies on gaming and sales tax, want to expand an economy that will only bring demands on services and not contribute to the revenue? The obvious answer is that you only would want to bring in industry that gambled, drank, smoked, mined, and didn't have a workforce with children or old parents. Though that sounds like utopia, it probably isn't what most people envision for E.D.--that's economic development.

My point, as I have reiterated over my 271 years in Nevada politics, is that NV has a severe structural deficit. If we bring in a new business not related to gaming, mining, or insurance, and they have kids or old parents, the State sees a modest boost in sales tax income (we don't tax services or food), a modest boost in property tax income (mostly goes to the county), a small payroll tax (MBT), and if they don't gamble, that's about all. Remember, a kid in the school district is @ $8000 per year, a Medicaid eligible parent could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if anyone commits a crime, that's another @$30,000 per year for prison.

My point: the services fall to the State. The responsibility fall squarely to those that pay for the State. So by suggesting that we raise gaming and mining taxes for E.D.--that's economic development--seems almost counter-intuitive. Frankly, gaming and mining should be fighting any E.D.--that's economic development--at every juncture. If the State insists on raising taxes, it should go to promoting gaming and mining and paying for the social services of their employees and residences instead of some business the NDA bribed to come to town.

Your E.D.--that's economic development--plan, Hugh, is a good balance with some add ons. Hopefully, everyone will get a Hughadon. Type of plan in NV.

I had the good fortune to hear Mr. Barry Ellsworth, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. on KNPR's State of Nevada a few days ago. Mr. Ellsworth is the first Democratic candidate for Senate that I have encountered in a decade, who understands what it means to try to run a successful business in America. Both Republicans and Democrats need to sit-up and take notice of this fine gentleman. It is heartwarming to see a man of such quality and selfless dedication to our nation, seeking to represent our state in the U.S. Senate.

While my mind is made up and I will be supporting Mr. Ellsworth in the Democratic Primary, I think that your readers would enjoy being enlightened by seeing the respective candidates' views on the issues that we all are facing in these challenging times, published side-by-side in upcoming blog posts.

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