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On the first page of today's New York Times, Sheldon Adelson reveals his Plan B, in case Newt Gingrich is not the Republican nominee: Mitt Romney is Plan B.
But then that makes sense. When asked about US policy in the middle east, Romney has said that if elected, he'll ask Israel what US policy ought to be.
I *hope* that this is just a campaign promise from Romney.

And it could be just a quickly forgotten campaign promise: for example, for decades now US politicians have been promising to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but the move has never happened.
I recall hearing a American Jewish leftist growling 'I'll tell them where they can put the stupid embassy!"

At least in 2008, Willard dropped out of the race by the time the state convention rolled around, so when enough of his delegates didn't show up (yawn, formality), we were treated to the spectacle of the Pauline contingent almost taking over the convention, and the Nevada Republican Party revealing their love of democracy by shutting the whole thing down.

That's not likely to happen this year (sigh), what with a) Romney delegates and the party in general on their guard against such shenanigans as actual dissent; and b) Romney delegates actually able to support Romney later in the process. So, yeah, in that sense, the 2012 Nevada caucus could be said to have happened.

Dear Back in New York:
Yeah, I remember that. And who exactly shut down the statewide Republican convention back then, at the behest of the Republican party bosses?
Sue Lowden, who went on to rise to greater heights as a serious candidate for US Senate, taking on the vulnerable Harry Reid. Alas, she was pecked to death by a chicken* during the Republican primary.
Ever since then, the Paulista have nursed a sense of grievance against the Republican Party bosses.
And Harry Reid somehow survived against Sharron "the obtuse" Angle.

*remember "chickens for checkups"? That made national news, and not in a good way.

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