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Enjoyed the article, Gleanster. But how DARE you tell the Nevada GOP the reality of this dog and pony show they just held?

THEY and THEY alone are the only ones allowed to tell people how it turned out.

Numbers don't mean anything. Facts don't neither.


They'll jump up and down and scream that it was successful, it was a testament to how they want that evil socialist commie President Obama defeated and the resurgence of the NVGOP is now complete!

They tell their voters who won. Even if they can't count worth a crap. They decide who the nominee is. The voters aren't allowed to think. They are only needed for their vote. After that, they are rejected and can all be screwed senseless.

The modern day GOP can't deal with facts anymore. Because it don't tell them anything good. So, they spin it how they want. It has to be "Hannitized." The truth is not good? No big deal. Make something up. In the modern day GOP, lies are the truth and truth are lies. Information to them is silly putty...mold it however they want and present it to their voters.

You mentioned the Dems in 2008. That was a high-water mark. The voter registration edge of the Dems over the R's is now only about half of what it was back in 2008.

Partly, I think because a lot of Dem's were deeply disappointed by Obama in power (he talked a good game in the election campaign, but then afterwards...)

Also, in the economic bust, a lot of people moved out of state, including probably a disproportional amount of Democrats.


Top 10 reasons Nevada Republican caucus vote took days to count

    1. Bain Capital outsourced Nevada GOP vote counting to Bangladesh

    2. Radio Shack TRS80 used to tabulate votes broke down

    3. We were busy playing craps at the casino and didn't think it really mattered that much

    4. With the count stuck at 43% for so many hours, it gave us enough time for properly deciding which votes were sufficiently believable

    5. The Nevada GOP liked all the media interest we got from our rigged 2008 GOP Convention

    6. Sharron Angle insisted on seeing GOP chairwoman Amy Tarkanian's birth certificate

    7. Sheldon Adelson's special private caucus could not find enough Republican Jewish voters

    8. Media spies everywhere - took time to intimidate and evict them

    9. Casino employees actually wanted to participate - we can make exceptions for the uber-religious but we've got to draw the line somewhere

    10. Votes for "Willard Mittington Romney" were sometimes mistaken as ballot sabotage and placed in the Mickey Mouse / Dudley Do-Right bin

-- from twitter by Gooplusplus WebTools ( www.gooplusplus.com )

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