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Rick Perry scores pretty high on the Early Alzheimers scale. He truly embodies the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Perry is personable and affable, and largely disengaged from reality. Hie personality has helped Perry have a successful political career, just like Reagan.

Liberals and leftists hated Reagan. That didn't stop Reagan's career.
The role of the President is to harmonize, at least rhetorically, the economic and political interests of the ruling class with the emotions of the underlying population.

George W. Bush was another Reagan. Under Baby Bush, the President was a figurehead while Cheney ran the country. Much of the ruling class seemed perfectly content with this arrangement, at least until the economy collapsed in fall 2008.

In other news, one of the Monroe Brothers passed away earlier this week. You may remember him, he was the actual male member (versus the female "brother") of the forlorn but amusingly inept duo of plumbers on "Green Acres". So could someone please tell our esteemed, shrewd Governor Sandoval to let his great friend from Texas know there's a job waiting for him after he leaves the Austin governor's mansion. Bring your over-alls, Rick!

Yes Alex, I'd like Anencephalous Texas Creatures for 500 please.

Sandoval: A backer of the monied elite who hired anti-intellectual Rick Perry to do their bidding, who collapsed last night under the national spot light.

WHAT?! Perry can't debate (i.e. perform under pressure?), and should not have access to the nuclear football codes (he'll forget them anyhow).

Romney v. Obama. Game on.

I watched only the snippet of Perry wanting to get rid of things but hell he couldn't remember what they were, but he wanted to rip apart Government, not because it needed dismantling, but because he wants to talk tough crap, and hell he was made President to destroy things, any old damn thing, what the hell...BRING IT!

Really stupid.

I really think Perry should have gotten drunk before getting up on stage. It would have given him the edge.

That way he could have been loose as he was in New Hampshire when he gave that goofy speech there.

It's one thing after another with him. First he, has a hunting lodge with a rock painted with a totally inappropriate "N*@*$%head" printed on it. He dodged that one and played it down. Good thing people didn't ask him and find out the name of the lake that's there at that hunting camp called "White Cracker Honky Redneck Motherfucker Lake."

Oh, well. Stick a fork in him. He's done.

And so is Sandoval because of his endorsement and blind allegiance to this loser.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Matt Taibbi's thorough and expository piece on Rick Perry:


Even though you won't be able to remember his name 6 months from now, it is very interesting to see how close really bad people can get to being President of the United States.

Thanks for that link, Goldy. Very interesting article.

I have read time after time that the key to Governor Perry's success was not what he knows of any substance at all, it's the fact that he campaigns. And he excels at campaigns. And his idea of campaigning is attack, attack, attack, tora, tora, tora all the time.

Now, he's stepped up onto the national stage. And perhaps he has started to realize he is lacking. Hell, actually he's an idiot.

For some reason, he decided not to attack during this campaign. He decided to try to talk to people, to debate and act like he knows something. And THAT is where he is lacking. All he knows is attack. He don't know how to actually politick.

It's kind of funny that we are seeing Perry falling apart. And he's got no one to blame but himself.

But hell, Governor Sandoval stands by him. You ask me, they are both the same. They are afraid of microphones and talking to people. The only reason Sandoval made it into the Nevada Governor's mansion was because of the Democratic Party candidate was considered inadequate, in that people decided they didn't want another Reid in Nevada politics. So Sandoval squeaked by. Without putting forth a position on any damn thing at all. He got in not based on his own merits, but due to the poor choice of a candidate to run against him.

...We'll take ,"frozen Presidents for 200 dollars , Bill"....

I hope that you did not choose the Chicken Dinner variety of 9 Lives to indicate "Winner winner."

Governor? We have a governor?

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