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Ask the Shark-in-Law if Nevada should secede if we are not given the respect we are due as a State.

"...it is sort of sad that Nevada Republicans couldn't convince their party's presidential candidates to show more than a minimally passing interest, if that, in Nevada and Nevadans."

Very true.

But I carry it even further, Gleanster.

Republicans basically don't give a fuck about ANYONE. Except themselves.

Case in point is that every single poll taken, all across the political divide and clearly bi-partisan, shows just about two thirds of the American people want Congress to focus on employment and more jobs.

But, just yesterday, ignoring those polls, the Republican Party majority in the House of Representatives addresses their favorite whipping post: Abortion. Yet another bill they are trying to pass. And this one says what the one before said. And the one before that. And the one before that. I think this makes SIX bills that all proclaim no Federal money for abortions. And they want everyone to ignore the fact the Hyde Amendment, passed wayyyyy long ago, already did that.

I really don't understand the compelling need by the Republican Party enmasse wanting to be in charge of every vagina, uterus, womb and every single pubic hair region of all women in America. It's like they are saying women shouldn't be in charge of their own bodies or something, and that a Republican elected official needs to be in the office to stand watch over what happens between a female patient and a doctor. Really stupid.

Anyways, Republicans just want to dick around and do nothing; all so they can protect their purely party political interests. The really frustrating thing is when you call them out on it, they look at you with a combination of both confusion and non-interest, much like a dog cocking his head in not understanding and don't want to understand, wondering why you are talking to him about stupid stuff and not reaching over somewhere to give him a doggie crunchie.

I really believe Republicans are into self-gratification more than anything and just plain hate people. Only exception is when someone flashes money in their faces. Even then their attention span is limited.

Who/what is Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)?

What will the GOP say about an African military excursion?

Uh, Colin, everything you say about the Republicans is true.

But what about the Democrats?

Is Democrat Numero Uno, Harry Reid, a valiant supporter of reproductive rights?

Well, actually no. He's antichoice.
That's why Harry Reid has always been afraid of a liberal feminist challenge in the Democratic primary. (He's not afraid of a right-wing Tea Party female in the general election. That happened last year, and he survived.)

Back in 2005, Thomas Frank authored a book that asked, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" He claimed that conservatives built up electoral support by promising to ban abortion, but never actually delivered on their promise. If they ever banned abortion, Frank believed, it would be disaster for the Republicans. Lots of Republican businessmen want abortion to be available as an option for their wives, daughters, and mistresses.

But was Frank wrong? Firebrand feminist Katha Pollitt thinks so, in a column in a recent issue of The Nation. She fears the Republicans will actually ban abortion.

I am old enough to remember when abortion was illegal. One young woman I knew, a doctor's daughter, went all the way to Japan to get an abortion.

Note that in the photoshopped picture above, Gov. Sandoval is holding the sign upside-down and wearing the uniform of the University of Nevada, Reno, not (!!) UNLV.

The UNLV football team has a motto: "Even though our football team can't beat the University of Phoenix, our cheerleaders know up from down."

@ Observer,
Agree. As a college student in the early 80's, I worked for an ob/gyn clinic in Detroit. I found it odd that not infrequently, some of the same women who were protesting in front of the clinic sought out our abortion services and not our prenatal services. We counseled them just as we would’ve anyone else but I’d always advised that they not undergo the abortion procedure. Their fall back was always, "I just can't have another child or If my [insert name/relative here] ever found out I was pregnant they’d kill me…" (The irony was never lost on me). I gave them the options to set appointments for further counseling, provide info on prenatal care and adoption services etc. These gals weren’t always wrapped too tight so I was always very cautious with them in terms of sorting out their options. More often than not, they actually underwent the abortion. There was also the occasional politician who found his way to our clinic and would introduce his ‘friend’ or ‘niece’ as being in a family way and he was just helping her out of a jam. It takes some kinda of balls to stand there with a straight face and demand an abortion procedure while denying others the same right to choose. Being in the healthcare profession, if that doesn’t make you want to scream, ”Christ on a Cracker!!!” I don’t know what would.

Since when did the GOP ever care about Nevada?

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