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So are you saying if I start hating Obama, I can lose my old lady and get a new one, my stock price will reach record levels, I will be fabulously wealthy, my family will be fabulously wealthy for generations, and I get to be on Fox?

I will gladly try to "take my country back" if you trade Neil Cavuto for Courtney Friel. Cavuto has thick ankles.

"Yet a quick glean (and if I missed it lemme know) of area news organization websites indicates that Wynn's rant on Berkley is thus far thoroughly unmentioned by the entire Las Vegas mainstream media."

I think it would be safe to say the reason why mainstream media here in Las Vegas has never made mention of this is for four reasons (or combinations thereof):

(1) They don't care;

(2) It didn't happen;

(3) They chose to ignore it because Steve Wynn has a long history of constantly pounding out an ultra right wingnut agenda; and/or

(4) They are holding back. In hopes that Steve Wynn would go elsewhere in his tirades. Maybe double down on throwing out there that President Obama is a Kenyan socialist and still needs to produce a valid birth certificate or something.

I say it's probably number (2).

One thing for sure is that Fox PORNO (Political Organization-Republican News Only) News ALWAYS calls Steve Wynn about anything that happens in Las Vegas. Because they know he won't disappoint their fanatical viewers and throw red meat out there to amp up the Obama Derangement Syndrome to the max.

I've seen him talk on one show a year or so back where he went into a tirade so bad that his surgically altered face almost fell off, and the news commentator interrupted; basically told him nicely to shut the hell up and let someone else talk to take a slap at President Obama.

I still say that the new Occupy Las Vegas movement should have set up in the lot across the street from Wynn/Encore where the old Frontier was. Not only because it was centrally located and conveniently on the Strip, but because it would have thrown Steve Wynn into a hyper ballistic meltdown of pure utter rage. Because he not only worries about his casinos, but all the surrounding areas must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye too.

If all else fails, I predict Steve Wynn has a chance as a Fox PORNO News contributor though. Hell, that piece of shit Sanford got hired, Steve Wynn has a chance. With that hiring, they have definitely confirmed they set their sights and expectations very, very low.

I don't/won't set foot in either an Adelson nor a Wynn property. Period.

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