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Andrew Levine asks two burning questions:
(1) Are Obama and the most of the Establishment Democrats...
actually secret Republicans????

(2) Even more intriguing...
"Could there be a conspiracy among Republicans to play into Obama’s hands by fielding only dolts?" 

For more exciting details, see



I am not a wordsmith. Yet, this post of yours combined with your City Life article is worthy of note!

As an example, I offer Leslie's observation: "Right now, elected officials are more afraid of their campaign contributors than they are of the voters." How long will the Ds rely on the loaner class to override the 'sucker class"? "One citizen, one vote, one dollar". The 'suckers' class need to outvote the "brought interests" class.

I recognize Reid's overwhelming influence in Nevada politics and money, and wish he would expand his acceptance of contrary D candidates; there is a change coming, I just don't know yet if the Ds will take full advantage of the tide.

What, no words of wisdom for Obama visiting Las Vegas?

Must be some taling points Repugs smelling up the Gleaner,unless Chuck muth is trolling here.
All the Tea Party candidates are proving that psilocybin is in their tea. Black Snake Moaning Cain, giggling like a school girl Perry, and the Outer Limits Bachmann, et al.
Did you hear the news, Iran can be knocked off with tax cuts for billionaire Americanos, the pathological liars and thieves that one must have in their character. Lack of said character is more like it.

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