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Another thought-unless Sandoval was asleep during his constitutional law class in law school, he should damn well know that asking a Supreme Court for an "advisory opinion" is forbidden by the doctrine known as "justiciability". A delaying tactic, perhaps?

"Top 5 Things Brian Sandoval Wants An Advisory Opinion On:"

1. Can I get rid of the entire state's public workforce and their pesky unions, once and for all?

2. Do these pants make me look fat?

3. Can I put the Koch Brothers' phone number on my state speed-dial?

4. Will I be able to pick out the color of the drapes in the Oval Office myself?

5. Can I get my new Republican Buddies to sign a "new" pledge that they will suspend their brains and their consciences at the Legislature Door?

Just sayin'...and loving Nevada enough to want it to be here tomorrow....

Goodness Gleaner!

While abusing some fine cheese along with some Black Box wine while listening to the Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds" I once again find myself agreeing with your fine analytical writing (yes; I had to read same twice).

...And 'Nevada Lovin' Gal' has my head spinning with reference to the "justifiability" doctrine!!!... Hecks-beck, if I was as smart as NLG I would have been able to reduce my prior argument with Douglas Democrat (a fine progressive), that taking money from Clark County special tax districts in order to enrich ALL OTHER Nevada counties, was unconstitutional!!!

All the above aside, the Ds enjoy the ball being in their court!!!!!!! Sandoval's et.al. statement that any extension of sunset taxes rely on "long term" fucking over of public employees should be dead on arrival! NO. The 2009 permanent reduction in public employee benefits should be tied to a permanent extension of 2009 business taxes (and fuck, recall that your monthly utility tax bills include a MBT tax), of which NO, repeat NO, business pays ANY taxes!!!!! All business tax is passed on to the consumer!!

The Ds, by default, have the ball in their court! Let the Rs promise a $700,000,000 reduction to the General Fund. I hope O and H understand that they have a winning hand!!!

NLG referred to


The normally reliable dave404 thought that this Big Word was


The two words AIN'T THE SAME!

And, dave404, I also hope O and H realize that they "have a winning hand". Right now, I have the feeling that the Legislature is giving me the finger...

...Howdy Gleanorettes , back in town after a wet three weeks in Jersey and Pennsylvania. Never have I seen a greener Spring than just witnessed. No lawn food needed..

..Gonna try a six months here and six months there lifestyle as I'm looking at a 29 year old yacht in Annapolis and sail and dock the devil wherever the Ironwork is at. Got an 18 year old Parrot that I may sign on as first mate and choosing a rum selection for the Focsle..

..I ain't as happy here in Vegas when work was plentiful five years ago and I spent the last hours of my workday sharing a cocktail with those wonderful ladies of the now shuttered Crazy Horse..

.."Hargh Hargh Ma-ties"...I hope to call Annapolis my home Port and sail the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays and South Jersey Atlantic waters looking for an occasional iron job and a woman to share a hammock with me..

....Yo Ho Ho...the wind blows free...
....Oh for a life on the rolling sea..

After being a four year resident of Nevawhda I still don't say it correctly, so therefore I may not qualify to pass judgement on the State's woes. So I'll leave it to you. I just wanted to thank you for expressing some of my feelings about the popular new governor, that like many of his party he isn't interested in educating the young population of the state that he swore to serve. It's just easier to blame educators for Nevawhda's schools being so low on that list. And, please keep informing your readers about where Heller stands regarding Big Oil. He voted twice against eliminating subsidies. With so many Seniors and people out of work in Nevawhda I would think that he would think twice before casting his vote. We shall remember his compassion at election time. Thank you for your progressive news. Deliverance of such news can become addictive. With kind regards, NT

Anyone who trust Republicans is in a state of "LaLa land". My dad who was born in the 1900's always said the Republican's screw things up and the Democrats have to clean it up. Anyone who believes that by cutting revenue by giving taxs breaks to the wealth is a fool. They implemented this plan when Reagan was in office, "the trickle down theory" it didn't work then it will not work now. They want to bust the unions and create a poor and wealthy populace. The Republicans create false conflicts; the Iraq war and get our young folk killed or injured and then they don't want to pay for health care. This local Republican leadership has only one plan; "the good old days" when people struggled and the well off offered employment at the lowest wage possible. These guys have been planning this scenario since the 1960's great society program. They don't want an educated people they believe that is dangerous to their plans. While the other countries like China, and Germany fund their students we take away funding for education, but we will fund war. If education and health care are not priorities then what is? Put Newt Gingrich or one of his ilk in office, if you think things are bad now just wait. The only reason Newt and Palin are running are to get the campaign money to help themselves, they don't give a damn about the country.But you foolish people believe they do.

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