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It's a known fact that sh*t floats. I think this applies to the Repugnants in the confused state of Nevada.

Angle needs to sing karaoke more.

Guaranteed both Democrats and Republicans will jump up, run for the aisles, covering their ears, eyes wide open, screaming for it to stop, please stop, have to get away, anywhere, but here, please make her stop....

In defense of Sharron "Obtuse" Angle...
I'll bet Harry Reid is very glad that she ran for Senate!!! She wuz about the only one he could beat. He mighta lost to Tiny Tark or to the good lookin' blonde, Sue "The Chicken Lady" Lowden.

You have an excellent point Gleaner. Running Sharron Angle would be a complete distraction from the Republican's focus of cutting everything from the middle class that they can possibly cut. Amusing, I chuckle just thinking about her campaigning again.

I love how some of them claim that they're not eliminating Medicare because the name "Medicare" will still exist for their voucher plan to operate under.

It's like standing in your garage and claiming you're a car - you can claim that all you want, but it don't make it true.

Angle's liars on the Right were on the radio this morning, with the American Center for Law & Justice (a supposedly Christina bent organization-the type that isn't supposed to "bear false witness"), clamoring that Obama failed to issue an Easter proclamation while Reagan and George W. Bush had, numerous times.

Seems the American Center for Law & Justice flat out lied!! A simple review of GWB's White House archive page, and RWR's presidential archive demonstrate that NEITHER Bush or Reagan ever issued an Easter Proclamation let alone one for Passover.

The Right is apoplectic and like the American Center for Law & Justice, will flat out lie and create false arguments in order to further their hatred of Obama and go so far as to create false and imaginary presidential proclamations. I guess that speaks to how stupid their targeted audience is.

@DD: The GOP wants to cut Medicare thereby making their boogie-man $500bn Obama reduction (which originated with GOP inaction 2001-2007), a drop in the ocean.

Legislature once again declares Nevada Constitution not worth the paper it was printed on!!!

Assembly, 42-0!!!!!, just passed Assembly Bill 117 which allows school districts to reduce school year from 180 days to 170 days. This does not meet Constitutional muster.



From our Constitution:
"Article 11, Section 2. Uniform system of common schools. The legislature shall provide for a uniform system of common schools, by which a school shall be established and maintained in each school district at least six months in every year..." (30x6=180 days)


Really, is every assembly person under the impression that NRS 386.550, 388.090, which are statutory law, trumps Constitutional law?!

Is there no bottom to the barrel of ignorance in Nevada politics?

"Is there no bottom to the barrel of ignorance in Nevada politics?"

Nope. No bottom I can see.

(Then again, we haven't had 180 days of instruction in a long time. Each District is allowed to convert up to 5 instructional days into Professional Development Days. So really, school years are already closer to 175 days than 180.)

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