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"Convoluted, dysfunctional, inadequate, unreliable and in need of scrapping -- that's what Nevada's mining tax is."

Exactly. But this is what Governor Dracula, a person who I say is STILL employed by the largest law and lobbying firm in the State of Nevada, wants to perpetuate.

Yes. I said it. Governor Dracula don't serve Nevada. He serves Vargas Jones, his corporate masters.

Keep going with it, Gleanster. Ratchet it up a few notches and don't let them bastards get away with it. It's important. People need to know what these Republican bastards in Nevada are actually up to.

They want money and power. They don't want to do what's right and just.

Keep rolling with it, Gleanster. You're doing some important shit.

Not sure if I'm saying it right because of my retired Navy background vocabulary, but I think you get the jist of what I'm sayin'. Work with me....

Dino DiCianno did put the quash on the audits. Yes, the deductions are a big part of the problem, but the lax audits and closure of the Elko tax office and loss of experienced mine auditors was created by dicianno **and** Chris Neilson.

Excellent commentary!

@ get real; Do you have a paper trail on those assertions?

This just gets better by the moment. I may cancel my cable tee-vee and just watch the mining tax/audit drama for the next few months.

Hang is there, Gleaner (despite the fact that you're sucking commenters away from my blog. Sigh).

Anything we can do to help? I'd be honored.

I want an audit - to find out just how many toilets, kitchen sinks, trips to Hawaii, luxury vehicles etc have been deducted. I'd like to know who has the most billions and where they live in the summer and the winter - do they own a personal island in the Caribbean? I'm nosy that way.

I want to know exactly what mining bought for a WHOOPING $4.2 BILLION dollars that allowed the Governor to hurt every student in Nevada. Then I want the auditors to call me up and tell me how I can increase my refund - by legally deducting everything I ever buy. . . oooo wait, I guess that is only a privilege of the mining billionaires. The rest of us have to pay our taxes.

Income tax. Income tax. Income tax. If that is what you want on mining compaines, then for sure it is a good idea for the rest of Nevada companies, right?

Meanwhille, back at the ranch while the rest of the group was obsessing on mining, the state and counties were giving away millions of dollars to companies already in the state. They pay less in taxes than in surrounding states BEFORE the rebates were given.


Gleaner logic: mining makes a lot of money by extracting minerals from the earth. The cost of that extraction is significant to the people of the State. We should tax the income of the mining process to make up for the cost and provide for the people.

Other logic: general business makes a lot of money and they demand services (education, health care, stability, roads). Those services cost a significant amount of money. We should tax the income of general business, including mining, to make up for any costs and provide for the people.

Is there a reason Gleaner only obsesses on mining? Taking from the land is not a good enough answer. The 3 kids of a Zappos family not receiving an adequate public education are far more damaged by the lack of tax revenue paid by Zappos than the damage done to a remote strip of land in Elko.

Let's all work together for comprehensive, sound tax policy. Or just keep obsessing about the minining industry.

"Let's all work together for comprehensive, sound tax policy. Or just keep obsessing about the minining industry."

When the mining industry stops claiming that the gold they pull out of the ground is worth less than the "cost" of pulling it out (while simultaneously claiming record profits to their shareholders), we'll stop obsessing over it.

Somebody over there is cooking the books, and if you can't detect the stench you have a problem.

@ Goldy;
I believe that "remote strip of land in Elko" consumed ALL of Elko County's road maintenance funds a few years ago which necessitated County leaders to ask the Legislature to allow them to raise taxes. A million dollar road, wasn't it?

I don't believe Gleaner is "obsessing" over mining, but has for several years, focused on mining.

I believe the extraction tax in Alaska is 25%.

...and, what is the name of the county that under financial hardship was placed under control of the state? What was the business of the major employer in that county? Honestly, I cannot remember and hope you will refresh our memories.

I wouldn't doubt there is some kind of bizzaro math going on here.

"Okay. We gotta tax this? Okay. One here that needs to be taxes. These two here don't. Because they were found in the parking lot. Finders Keepers. Okay. This one here needs to be taxed. These three over here? No. They fell off of a truck on the highway somewhere. Again, Finders Keepers. Okay. To continue.... One for you, three for me....one for you, twelve for me.... Damn. We're cruisin' now, ain't we??!?!!?!?"

That may be an exagerration, but I bet I'm very, very close to the truth.

And Governor Dracula is in charge of it all and gets his cut later.

Quite a bit off topic, I note that the Truckee Meadow C.C. president has decided, if push comes to shove, to eliminate 'high cost programs' in nursing, dental hygiene, radiology and courses for 'first responders'.

I can't imagine TMCC president, Dr. Maria Sheehan, is unaware of the need in the Reno area for college graduates in these programs?! Or, does President Sheehan believe that the Reno area would be better served by maintaining degree programs in Architectural Design Technology, Architecture (they should be directed to UNLV's Architecture School which just shed some 500 students), Civil Engineering Practitioner and Construction Technology?

The Board of Regents has recently allowed differential tuition for high cost programs and I would encourage President Sheehan to address the needs of her community instead of supporting hyperbole.

@ Doug and @ Dave:

Again, there's a link that millions of tax dollars walked out the door and you don't seem to care if you can just "get mining."

Get mining! Get them with an income tax. But shouldn't we get the guy selling the pick and shovel too? He/she is making millions from high gold prices. They have kids in school.

If the ambition to "get mining" were wildly successful beyond anyone's dreams, Nevada would pick up an extra $100 million? Maybe $200? Then what? That is a tear drop in the ocean of the needs of the people and kids in Nevada.

If you would help with a broad based tax, it would mean billions. And it would grow with a prosperous economy, unlike a minining specific tax, which would shrink as the economy prospered.

But forge on. Get mining. Get those deductions. Just more tears in the ocean of need.

"Again, there's a link that millions of tax dollars walked out the door and you don't seem to care if you can just "get mining."

Just stop talking now, please. You don't know me, so don't presume to dictate what I do and do not care about.

Goldy: Hard to know where to begin with you, but I'll try.
First, is it ok with you that 111 mines over a 10-year period brought in $4.3 billion in gold and paid nothing under the mining tax?
Second, What has Barrick has done to promote a broad based business tax?
Finally, why can't we have both a mining tax and a broad based business tax?

@ Goldy:

It wasn't all that long ago that you supported my post on broadening the tax base including a service tax and I don't walk away from that belief. I also believe in an extration tax. Nevadan's were not very sophisticated and forward looking in the late 1980's when the 5% limit was approved in the voting booth.

In the instant case it was instructive to learn from the Gleaner how many "millions of tax dollars walked" off the balance sheet with or without an audit. I'm not looking for a pissing match, but you may be too familiar with the bride to be considered a long lost relative of gold mining.

Again, do you recall what Nevada county had its operations taken over by the state? What business was the leading employer involved?


I would guess, and it's my own conjecture, that mining would be much more amenable to a mining tax increase if there was a general business tax included. And that's why we should work together toward that end.

Mining participated in and supported the Guinn tax study and recommendations in 02-03, which called for a gross receipts tax. And stood in support through the process.

What did plan do?

Here's a nice video of Dino DiCianno with an explanation on everything:


Perhaps if I get a bull horn and scream to the cars passing by 395 that a broad based business tax is what's best for Nevada, I qualify as supporting it.

Does anyone know what Nevada county had a financial meltdown and had to be taken over by the State? I know it happened, I just can't locate any info and it did not happen all that long ago.

White Pine County made by mining, wiped out by mining and remade by mining.


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