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Sister Sarah is thinking, "You betcha we Alaskans love a mean burrito! If I'm gonna get stuck with a Mexican guy as my vice-president so the 2012 Repub ticket can prove we don't hate ALL immigrants, why gosh this Nevada dude is even better lookin' than Todd!"

Oh btw, who's behind this anti Sandoval website, the Luv Guv or the Reid Machine?
It's quite sophisticated, since ads for it were able to detect my Internet service provider calls in from Nevada.

As a northern Nevadan, I am not familiar with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. What sort of publication is it? Is it part of the GANNETT chain, as is our Reno paper, or is it some sort of Rupert Murdoch rag?

RobWT - the LVRJ is suitable for lining bird cages.

RobWT - Rich's comment is correct. Another innovative use for it is to properly wrap fish after you bought it at the market.

LVRJ clearly has a political agenda and, at times, they do minimal fact checking. Sort of like Fox PORNO (Political Organization-Republican News Only) News. The editor of the LVRJ, Mr. Sherm Frederick, was actually bestowed the time honored "World's Worst Person in the.....(gotta do this pause...because it don't make sense if you don't do it) Worrrrrllllllld" one time by Keith Olbermann on his show on MSNBC. That rag of a newspaper (and on the internet) leans so far to the right, there's a bump on the side of its head from bouncing on the pavement.

That rag is so bad that the only time I look at it on the internet is to check the Las Vegas entertainment news by Mr. Norm Clarke. I enjoy his reports and he basically don't have a political agenda bone in his body. In my opinion, he's the only sane reporter over there.

Is the GOP over?


You forgot to call Sandoval a Nazi like Gibbons supposed to have said. You're slipping.
To colin, the LVRJ is still a better paper than the liberal rag- the Sun. At least the LVRJ can deliever it's own newspapers, unlike the Sun, which depends on a conservative to help it out. Just like in real life, where liberals have to depend on conservatives to try and make their agenda work.

"At least the LVRJ can deliever it's own newspapers, unlike the Sun, which depends on a conservative to help it out."

Nope, it's actually something called a Joint Distribution Agreement that the FCC negotiated in 1989 in order to prevent one company from holding a monopoly over nearly all of the Las Vegas media. The R-J doesn't "help", it's required by law to go out with The Sun so all of us in Vegas have two newspaper options, not just one.

But of course since Wingnut Troll "Dan" only gets his "news" from The R-J and RedState, he wouldn't know.

Rob WT-

At least The Reno G-J still allows its reporters to do their jobs. Here, The R-J won't let its reporters do their jobs if that means reporting on anything that makes Republicans look bad. That's why they still aren't releasing their general election poll numbers that are supposed to be out today. I guess they need more time to somehow magically keep Suzy Lowdown in the lead?

By the way, Brian Sandoval can't speak Spanish. But Rory Reid can speak fluent Spanish, as a consequence of a Mormon mission that he undertook many years back.

To be a governor, it's not necessary to be able to speak English. After all, Arnold the Terminator is governor of California. And George W. Bush was allegedly governor of Texas. Neither one spoke recognizable English.

Since he's lagging in the polls, Rory Reid can challenge Brian Sandoval to a Spanish poetry reading. I suggest "Llanto por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias," an elegy for a bullfighter who died in the arena, by the famous poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

If that doesn't work, I suggest a macarena dancing contest!!

@ Observer,
I don't think it would even be a close call but in the even there is a tie we can always throw in some Pablo Neruda just for giggles.

Pssst ... Dan: Want to see your golden boy Jim Gibbons get his ass kicked in November and that dreadful Rory Reid as gov.?
Just keep on promoting Gibbons, the fornicating, lying, incompetent, vicious, and immoral piece of shit.
Shows what a fine human being you are.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

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