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Actually, Sue Lowden wanted very badly to pilot her Benz down to Searchlight to attend the big teabagging rally, but she stepped on the ping pong ball. Ditto Brian Sandoval, but John Edward's hairdresser was in town.

@ Gale,
Well...it was just ghastly:


@ Gale,

Well...it was just ghastly:


I tried to get into Krave on Saturday night. I slid the bouncer a fin and told him I was a teabagger from We the People. A poor soul who lost his shirt to Obama's new tax scheme escorted me to a bar seat that had no seat, because the Democrats are killing small businesses like Krave. I told the nice fella next to me I was a teabagger. He smiled and told me he liked to snorkel. Sometimes it’s nice to meet folks with interests outside of politics. Anyhow, I told him, "Don't underestimate We the People. The giant is awake now." He was impressed, that much was clear. He said we should take the giant snorkeling. I graciously accepted, asking my new friend to come teabagging after we snorkel.

Well, imagine how surprised I was when I lifted my snorkel mask and found out that my new friend was Jewish. And a Democrat!!! I told him that there would be no teabagging for him! He said that was "fine by him" and spilled his White Russian all over the front of my shirt. He was smoking a cigarette.

Sometimes, it's discouraging for us teabaggers when there are so many people that think they are in the We the People club. First, the Jews. Next, the Democrats. And now, even snorkelers think they can be in We the People. Who's next, kayakers?

Hilarious Goldy!

Sadly, I think you are right. Sandoval has been disappointing but still is better than R. Reid.
As far as Lowden, I also agree that she is not the true conservative, not by a long shot, no matter how she tries. So, in November, we may end up with RINO's on the ballot.

I keep hoping for Tiny Tark to win the Republican primary. Where are the male chauvinist pigs when the Nation really really needs them???

Justin, we're with you, but couldn't you guys hire like a snark consultant or just maybe find a small bit of irony or humor to liven up your link-trolling? Just to avoid looking like a parody of a Harry Reid campaign staff intern assigned to troll for links on liberal blogs?

Gus, I thought about blocking Justin the Reid campaign trollbot but the program also allows me to identify some commenters as "spam" which has the same effect (I think) but also seemed more appropriate.

Thanks, Judy!

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