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Reading the initiative, it sounds as if Ziser is calling for the repeal of a marriage being only between a man and a woman! "Person...liberty."

The initiative is overboard and covers more than one subject and thus unconstitutional.

You should be able to abort a fetus up until the time it graduates from college.

And I agree with Ziser that it should take more than waking up with a few battle-hogs to make an "end-of-life" decision. You should begin by quitting drinking. But we tried to pass a constitutional amendment on that and it didn't work too well.

Speaking of creeps who use Bible-thumping & lies to enforce their Medieval religious dogma on the rest of us, check out the trailer for this new documentary which shows just how the Mormons deviously put millions of their secret dollars behind the anti gay-marriage campaigns across America.

It's not about an issue... it's about getting white ringers to the polls.

Sara P,
You nailed it. But this time, we nail the issue to them. With so many new comers to Nevada from California the old rules no longer apply in SN. This will be the election where the Northern Nevada tail stops wagging the Southern Nevada dog.

Reapportionmet, redistricting and a failed Republican Party and all they have in their trick bag is ABORTION. They will be stunned little sheep 11/2010.

"Richard Ziser has filed an initiative to outlaw abortion and limit "end-of-life decisions"
what does the homophobe have to say to,
oh yeah, I forgot, God wanted them to keep their zippers undone and to solicit men's room sex. Hypocrite does not begin to adequately describe this homophobic asshole.

Gleaner got this one right. This thing should have come gift wrapped with a bow on top.

The latest polling data, admittedly a few years out of date, showed 2/3 of republicans in Nevada supported freedom of choice on this issue.

But that was, IIRC, from the early 2000s before the republican party was taken over entirely by folks like, say, Richard Ziser. So now I suspect only about 1/3 of them support freedom of choice, but 1/3 of them have also become Democrats because of right-wing hard-liners like Ziser.

Recall that when he ran in 2006, Jim Gibbons was nominally pro-choice. As is Brian Sandoval.

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