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And of course, our own local Review-Journal is way too busy paying polling firms to endlessly tell us how "vulnerable" is dastardly Pinkie, or tickling Jane Ann Morrison to write yet another scathing muckracking article about happy peach harvest time up in Panaca to ever send out a serious reporter to dig up this kind of stuff on our oh-so-beautifully mani-pedi'd Mr. Senator Republican.

The funny thing is that the Senate ethics violation (and possible felony!) that trips up the cockold and former best-friend of Ensign, Dougy Hampton, is for lobbying on behalf of NV Energy's doomed coal plant.
Coal makes everything dirty, even innocently banging your ex-best-friend's wife.

He's doing "his" lords work.

Now I wonder?, Didn't Nina Radetich's boyfriend, Jack Finn, just quit NV Energy yesterday? {NYTimes story has NV Energy involved in Ensgin issue}

Wasn't Jack Finn involved in "special projects" for NV Energy? Wasn't Jack Finn Ensign's ex-spokesman?

I wonder if his leaving NV Energy is related to Radetich or Ensign?

Ensign could have gotten a better deal on the phone bills if he had stocked up with phone cards from the 99 cents store.

The article incorrectly referred to Tom Coburn as "Ensign's friend." According to both Senators, Coburn is Ensign's gynecologist whose medical advice is privileged information not subject to subpoena.

Anyway, Ensigns' willingness to abuse his office to get a little action kinda gives a new meaning to "public option," doesn't it?

So now,how would Cynthia,Doug and Jack go about obtaining those t-shirts...you know, the ones that state "I'm with Stupid."

Gus, Ensign's activities show the real meaning of "public service", not "public option." A tax attorney friend of mine in Denver years ago told me that he never understood why our tax collecting agency was called the Internal Revenue Service until he visited a farm shortly after beginning his legal career and saw a bull service a cow.

This whole thing never happened!

I just read this morning's on-line R-J and there isn't word one about any alleged NYT article highlighting any illegal conspiracy conducted by U.S. Senator John "I don't care" Ensign.

I feel like a rube for believing the whole thing....any one know the phone number of Coburn the Confessor?

I noticed that also, dave404.

It's Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting like a horse with blinders. Either that or they are reporting from another planet or something.

Time for Senator (and I use that term loosely when it comes to this POS) Pretty Boy Doggy Doctor to resign. This is pretty serious now.
I can't wait to see Ensign's slovenly conservative apologists try to spin this one.

how about sleazy Slanker and the Gibbons gang now supporting pretty boy Bryan Sandoval? interesting no-one is connecting all of those sleazies.

I agree, happygirl. Resignation is in order.

But I think that is overcome by events now. This whole theater of the absurd is sucking both Coburn from Oklahoma and Ensign from Nevada. They'll probably both face criminal charges.

"The Family?" They'll keep going on and doing their thing. They keep on going, brother taking care of brother for religion, no matter if it's illegal, as long as they stick to that Evangelist right wing nut ultra-conservative doctrine that they are the saviors of humanity.

I watched on the Rachel Maddown Show that someone said the C Street address owned by "The Family" where Coburn/Ensign both stayed at has newspapers piling up on the stoop and the mailbox is full. No once in occupancy there anymore. They packed up their safe haven for Republicans and moved on to another location.

Such is the way of ultra right wing nut religous zealots. They just do what they want and leave a trail of sacrificial bodies and a scorched Earth policy behind. And it's all to carry on their political motives. They are free to project their influence again.

Oh come on, resignation is in order? Ensign is a piece of crap, i don't disagree with that, but how about all the other corrupt politicians in Washington. Start with Charlie Rangle, John Kerry, Larry Craig and the list can go on and on, both sides of the aisle.
Just vote him out of office.

"Just vote him out of office."

This is the same logic Nancy Pelosi used when she took impeachment "off the table".

You are aware of how much damage Ensign can continue to do to Nevada interests before his re-election bid in 2012, right? And that so long as he has a pulse there is virtually no chance of someone toppling him in such a bid?

Aren't there ethic laws to send this asshole away where Mommy and Daddy's money won't help? He could become, Bubba's bitch.

"You are aware of how much damage Ensign can continue to do to Nevada interests before his re-election bid in 2012, right?"
Oh, about the same as Harry Reid has done to Nevada in the past couple of years.

"Oh, about the same as Harry Reid has done to Nevada in the past couple of years."

Fair point, sir.

The problem is that no one that isn't incompetent or flat-out off the reservation nuts is running against Reid. Better the devil you know in that case.

However, I think we can scrape someone up who is less nuts than Ensign in 2012.

"However, I think we can scrape someone up who is less nuts than Ensign in 2012"
Yup, as a conservative, I hope he does not run. I would vote for a Democrat if Ensign runs.
I go for quality of the person first thn their views.
I cannot imagine anyone who is less nuts than Ensign, except those who are locked up in an insane asylum, and there it would still be slim pickings.

Jeez, you have sex with ONE staffer, get extorted by her hubby, have your mommy and daddy pay for your sex, not offer any plausible explaination, and all of a sudden you are a shermy ass/@(....!!!'. What gives?

Dan: As usual, you can't resist bringing up "corrupt" Demos. ("Waaaahhhhh! Bad Demos, too, Mommy! Waaaaahhhhh.")
I suppose I respect for saying that you'll support the opponent if Senate Fornicator decides to stick around, but we're not talking about all corrupt politicans here -- we're talking about the sanctimonious Pretty Boy Doggy Doctor.
(Oh, and btw: Just what is John Kerry's ethical problem? Please provide some evidence here Charlie Rangel is a whole other issue, and I'm no fan of him. And Larry Craig? Last time we checked, he was no longer in politics.)
Come on, man. Surely you can argue better than that.

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