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So THAT was the promise Mr. Promise Keeper was expected to keep! He promised her money. Damn liar, that Sen. Hairdo... ;-)

It's good that Senators and their families have lifetime medical coverage. His wife is going to need it to cover periodic screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

I mean c'mon. What gal could resist that hair....walking petry dish or not? ;)

And in other "sanctity of marriage" news...


President Obama will announce DP benefits for same-sex spouses of federal employees tomorrow. It's about damn time...

Sorry, but I couldn't help it. These marriages, whether the feds want to recognize them or not, are far more sacred than what Sen. Hairdo makes them out to be. He should have been focused on keeping the "sanctity" of his own marriage intact.

Or to put it another way, his lie to his wife and family, and his lie to the public about his personal life, was perfectly acceptable until someone threatened to blackmail him? I believe that's called situational ethics--or, more accurately, the Republican platform.

The affair was over 10 months ago. He and his wife reconciled and moved on. Extortion is illegal...hellloooo???? It's not like he got caught having the affair and covered it up. It was over and when the person threatened to go to press if he didn't pay, he made it public. I'm not excusing the conduct, but get the facts straight and make logical deductions please. This is not a Rep or Dem issue, it is a human one. People, especially people in power, seem to think they are above the standards of everyone else. Whether they are liberal or conservative, lying & cheating are wrong and there are consequences, at least there should be, to our choices.

A few years ago, John Ensign disappeared for a week or two, and nobody seemed to know where he was. He later said that he was resolving some family issue. Nobody followed up, and the story died. Do you suppose it was related to the present scandal?

When an evangelical Christian conservative turns out to be having an affair, I just LOVE it!! This is a situation for which the Germans invented the term Schadenfreude.

This is almost perfect. "Perfect" would be a gay sex scandal involving Jim Gibbons, Sen. Orrin Hatch, a couple of hookers, a German Shepherd, and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Middle of the Roader- grow up. If McDo's lover was really extorting him, were is her mug shot? Where is her name? No where cause there is no extrotion other than some reporter following up on McDo's hypocrisy.


No, he just spent all these years trashing committed gay & lesbian relationships as "immoral" while he was messing around with other people. Perhaps he should get his own house in order before he bursts into ours and tell us how to live and whom to love?


Heh. As a friend once told me, "If you want advice on the kinkiest, wildest sex acts, ask a Christian fundamentalist."

Ever wonder why they know more about BDSM, swinging, and orgies than "average Jay gays" like me? ;-)

Ensign to Nevada: "Stay classy, Las Vegas!"

@Dude and Ned

atdleft has nailed it. When politicians use their religious beliefs as part of their political image/platform and ram their brand of holiness down our throats, you can't help but totally enjoy the Schadenfreude. Look, most of us sane people don't look to politicians as some sort of sexual-moral compass or as perfected beings and can look past an indiscretion but I can't tolerate the hiprocracy. That,to me, speaks volumes and is far worse than than the affair.

John Ensign is a veterinarian. The obvious solution to his fence-jumping issues? "Neuter and Spay, it's the Only Way."



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