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Channel 13 sent their intrepid correspondent to Freakmont Street, of all places. What did they expect, Earl Gray served in fine bone china and lace handkerchiefs?

If "a man can't get totally shitfaced and act like an idiot in front of a camera in public without getting pushed around and slapped by a Las Vegas TV reporter" then the terrorists have won.


I guess so. I guess they forgot that Miss Manners doesn't live on THAT Fremont Street.

Mr. Gleaner-

Do you know if the tourist pressed charges? I don't know if that hit was legal (unless the camera didn't show the tourist provoking that fight).

Fer cryin' out loud. The reporter looks like he's 20 years old....I hope the tourist puked on his shoes.

Full contact live shots!!!

Opening line:

"Fat, drunk-in-the-daytime, man-boobs, earth-hating-drinking-out-of-styrofoam-cup guy.......+220"

"Boyish, sport-coat-wearing, guy-with-two-first-names-that-probably-used-to-be-Jewish, face-toucher guy....-180"


Yes. Unless the drunk tourist provoked that fight, that reporter shouldn't be proud of that video. But hey, I guess it could have been worse. At least the tourist didn't get arrested at his own home after a neighbor screamed homophobic slurs and disrupted his party.

fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

Sure, blame the media.

I'll take 20 on Boyish and probably used to be Jewish.

it is on olberman

I'm just mystified by this blog's stance and some of your unnecessary shots at the reporter and the media in general.

You're mad because the reporter didn't accept the drunk's "frank and free opinion?" Are you kidding? The drunk stumbled into the reporter's shot, initiated contact repeatedly, and bellowed incomprehensibly a few times.

Also, contrary to what you wrote, the reporter wasn't doing a man-on-the-street interview, he was attempting to summarize previous interviews he had done with people on the street. Since you apparently disfavor community-oriented journalism, I guess you'd probably oppose either technique.

Your whole angle is bizarre. You are mad at the REPORTER? He's the good guy in all of this. I guess you've got a progressive blog here. What's progressive about supporting offensive drunks and their right to sabotage the work of professionals?

Andrew, it's a funny, is all.

First, what justification did Channel 13 have in sending a reporter to Fremont Street to do a piece on public reaction to Michael Jackson's death, if they had no intention of interviewing people to get their reactions? The reporter could have done the same exact thing from the studio.

Also, if you've been downtown, you know that people there tend to be rather pickled around the clock. Hence, they are prone to do stupid things. And if you add a TV news camera to the mix, doesn't it stand to reason that they will do stupid, drunken things on camera? If you're Channel 13, why even tempt fate?

Well damn! The thing I can't believe about the whole thing is that MJ is STILL dead. Say it ain't so Joe.

@ Pen,
Nailed it!

@ Andrew
Somehow you have confused hard hitting news with infotainment. Sorry.I don't take a reporter on Fremont street looking for reactions to Jackson's death as hard hitting news and to get all butt hurt about an interfering drunk is a stretch. By engaging the drunk the reporter became the story and how do we put this politely...it became entertaining in a bad accident kinda way. If I had a dime for every drunk that tries to screw with me on my job(healthcare)I'd be wealthy. You'll get no sympathy here.

BTW, this video is on HuffPo now...


Other Andrew-

Yes, we don't really know all the details. Maybe the drunk guy got violent with the reporter before the cameras were rolling. Maybe he didn't. However, Scorpiogal is right that ABC 13 should have known better than expect sober sanity on Fremont Street.

And btw, I nonetheless think the reporter dude is cute. ;-)

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