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I'm sure MGM Mirage would love to sell Caesars Palace (there is no apostrophe, BTW), but the folks who own it over at Harrah's Entertainment might object.

Good point, Dose.
Meant Circus and I'm away from Gleaner HQ for the a.m. and Mr. iPhone doesn't let me cross out stuff so I just changed it and now my dumb confusion of old casinos that start with C will be our secret.

...yeah, Harrah's (with an apostrophe, BTW), may need to sell Caesars Palace in order to save themselves.

Hey, if you can short-sell a stock that you don't own (a naked short), and you can buy a credit-default swap on a bond you don't own, why can't MGM sell a casino it doesn't own?

That's capitalism, baby.

I won't tell if you won't, Hugh.

Who's on first??? Las Vegas IS the biggest open air loony bin in the world...wasn't like that when the mob ran things or was it?

I swear, I finally cure myself of my gambling addiction, and without my sheckels the whole goddamn town goes to seed. (you know, the kind where you absolutely cannot walk out of Smiths without dropping 2 twentys in vid poker, and when you're feeling depressed, you speed over to Boulder Station and feel better just walking in the door). Thankgod, no more.

Actually, Wall Street analysts have been some of the worst enablers of the present crisis. Whenever their mantra is not "consolidate, consolidate, consolidate," it has been "Build! Build! Build, damn you!"

I wish I had a dollar for every time an analyst report pined for "the next wave of megaresort openings," that magical cure-all. If Wall Street had its way, at least when things were reasonably good, there'd be a megaresort opening every month.

I could go on and on about artificially inflated investors' expectations and the dire consequences of Wall Street's 90-day business model, but you get the idea.

I think there were plenty of us "naysayers" when CityCenter was announced but we were all so damn sick of being wrong about our cautions that why even try and cry wolf once again. Nonetheless I think a lot of us were weary of CC because it just seemed to be too big, too much and too expensive (especially with a glut of high-end product already on the Strip).

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