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Could the 236 have been a typo? That number does seem ridiculously small.

That said, Mason-Dixon polled Gibbons up 4 versus Titus in late October 2006, and we all mocked that. As you point out, the "incumbents under 50 are in trouble" meme isn't as meaningful in a race where the challenger is actually the better known candidate. Yes, Porter should be alarmed he is at 43 - but Titus at 40 in a supposedly newly Dem district should have her team in full on panic mode. But Team Titus has always been too full of itself to see reality. This one is going to go down to the wire.

I posted this in a previous post but that post was about who starts more wars or somesuch so it seems to fit better in here so.......

Titus has run one of the worst campaigns in recent memory. She's getting HAMMERED on tv daily, and the only response she has to it is her saying she capped property taxes and she has a funny accent.


I thought Titus was going to win this but when I saw Porter's ads I was like "Damn, that stings....but I'm sure she'll have a good response and attacks on him"

And then I saw her response. Wow. Pretty embarrassing.

Maybe she's relying on the voter reg. advantage but so far she's ran a pretty shitty campaign.

The RJ Mason-Dixon poll on Porter v. Hafen in late October 2006 had Porter up 7 points. He won by less than two, and only because of a sleazy ad dump and false flag robocalls that targeted undecided non-partisans during the last weekend.
I think their likely voter model is missing the new registrants and Dina wins on the ground game.

If I hadn't been derelict in my Substitute Gleaner duties while Hugh was away, I'd have remarked that:

A) Porter has been unleashing his heaviest barrage of excrement ever; B) the response from Team Titus has been sporadic and weak, and none of it has remotely as much bite as the Porter ads; and C) the Titus fundraising operation stinks. The Obama people contact me on a weekly basis. I've yet to receive one measly fundraising letter or even a direct-mail piece from Titus. Either her campaign is operating on $1.95 or they think the money will just magically flow to their coffers. I'm sicker of skanky, smirking Jon Porter than I am of just about any politician in America, and I know I'm not alone in that. So why is Democrat after Democrat unable to beat the rat bastard at his own game?

What the hell are "Just Wondering" and "Drew" talking about? I hate it when people comment on blogs just to see what they've typed. Neither of you know anything about the campaign or Titus personally. Don't you have better things to do than smear people? Why don't you educate yourself on the issues at stake this election - or better yet, volunteer for those issues. Heaven knows we don't care what you think here.

Dave, if you hate Porter so much why don't you get off your computer (read "ass") and volunteer for the Titus campaign instead of bitching on the Gleaner to people who probably don't really care what you think?

(note: this is a rhetorical question)

P.S. If you are not getting mail from the Titus campaign, this may be a good thing. The Dems may have synced up their databases and are saving money by not sending mailers to inveterate Dem voters who may have donated money in the past, etc.

I never get mailers or my door knocked on by the Obama campaign - and that's because they know that I'm going to vote for him.

Hmm Ms, I actually have volunteered for the Titus campaign and the state party in general so there goes one "point". The second point I'd like to know is where exactly did I "smear" Titus? I said her campaign response to Porter has been meager, at best. That's not a smear, even if you don't believe it. Now, do I think Titus can't win? No, she still has the voter reg. and has a good party ID, but will I take a loss by her as suprising? No, because the way her campaign has run this cycle against Porter is shockingly poor.

Dear "ms," I'll resist the temptation to tell you to shut the fuck up because you have no idea what you're talking about and instead point out that I donated to Dina Titus' gubernatorial campaign and am quite surprised that I haven't heard Word One from them during the current election cycle. My checkbook is always open (as the Obama people have learned), but it seems like I'm going to have to practically force some money into Team Titus' hands.
(I also don't get online solicitations from them, which is even more bizarre because that whole DNC, DSCC, etc., alphabet soup e-mails me umpteen times a day and, unlike Titus, I've not been one of their donors in quite a while.)

Guys and gals, if you want to help the poor or the underserved write a check to your local church or charity.

Writing a check to the democrats won't help them.


Drew, if you are going to donate just do it. Let's be adults and resist the temptation to whine. No one asked me to donate to the Titus campaign or had to hold my hand. I just did it. After all, it's about the issues, and being a responsible adult. What are you waiting for?

(note: I'm in no way connected to the Titus campaign. I'm sure they would be much more polite than I am. I just don't like whiners who then complain afterwards that his candidate didn't win when even though he didn't lift a finger - or a dollar - to help said candidate.)

Patrick, haven't we established that you are a Republican?

Ms, I didn't say a thing about donating or not donating?

Pardon me, Drew. I meant to direct that to Dave. Sorry for that.

300 is the number needed to reach the +/- 6 margin of error but to publish?!

Myrna - come again? I think there's a word missing in your comment. It lacks the trademark wit, suggesting an error in dictation or Bjorn's typing.

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