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1. Are thje canvassers going to non-registerd or undocumented doors?

2. Hey! Young People! The $11,000,000,000,000 debt is on YOUR credit card! This IOU is going to CRUSH your future! You better start electing some YOUNG people to look out for YOUR generation! We already know who McNuts is going to look out for....

3. Hugh; Cynacism or apathy...1/2 doz of each, it don't seem to matter until the voter starts electing those that didn't get financed by those who have their corporate/union interests at the forefront of their money roll. Too bad few "not for profit" candidates don't have websites and too bad voters won't look for candidate websites to inform themselves. I don't have an answer for laziness...maybe when the whole thing comes down around peoples ears they will realize they pissed away too many precious elections to save themselves.

America has over $40,000,000,000,000 in debt and entlitlement obligations.....how the f%^& do you think it will be paid off?! I tell you, the future will never be as good as it was in 2000...life will be more difficult and more expensive and very soon. THE BILL IS OVERDUE AND YOU AND I OWE: ALOT!

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