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Totally hot!
Good come back on the "that wrinkly white-haired guy" who hails "from the olden days".
And I didn't even know Paris could read.

paris hilton is high in my estimation and has a better energy policy than sidney III -without a doubt she's more pleasing to the eye than sidney OR cindy...cindy the biker bitch that is. if obama was smart he'd dump obama girl for paris. totally kewl.

Given McSame's history of messing around on his first wife with Cindy and on Cindy with the lobbyist, Paris should be careful. If McSame has been taking lessons from The Gibber, she better not get tipsy and stagger out of a bar.

Given American's mania or obsession with celebrity, that's a great commercial for Obama. Also quite funny.
We can only hope the Democrats use it.

Of course the Dems are too dumb to use it.

Up to this point I have had no use for Ms. Hilton -- still don't (plus I think she looks like a horse -- her sister is much prettier and, seemingly, less trashy) -- yet I have to give the little floozy props for this. Proof positive that even HER publicist can hit one out of the park every now and then.

Between McCain's sudden lurve for offshore drilling and Obama's equally sudden waffling on same, the Paris Hilton Energy Policy wins by a mile. And, boy, did I never think I'd write that sentence if I lived to be ... well, as old as Sidney the Third. (Or, to quote The Colbert Report, "Oh my god, he's the Highlander!")

I did catch her at the Aladdin a couple of years ago with her entourage in tow and i thought her legs were her best asset... I still do...

"I was talking to a monkey the other day, he told me he was voting for McCain,I asked why, he said that he heard McCain was going to drill for bananas."

Wait. Let me get this straight... A woman who secretly touted her own sex video thought it inappropriate to be in a John McCain ad? Priceless.

Back in olden days, the pundits proclaimed, "As Maine goes, so goes New Hampshire". Now they proclaim, "As Paris Hilton goes, so goes Nicole Ritchie".

Speaking of celebrity endorsement, before the Puerto Rican primary, Hillary got the endorsement of Ricky Martin. Maybe McCain could get the endorsement of William Hung, as long as McCain refrained from calling Hung a "gook."

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