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McCain has a horrible position on benefits for veterans. This needs to be constantly hit through TV and Radio Ads

Why Would a Vet Oppose BeneFits For Other Vets?
Maybe you should ask John McCain. He's voted against Veteran Benefit. Incidentally he also opposed a minimum wage increase and wants to privatise Social Security.

No McCain Not now NOT EVER.

Not only does McCain have a sh*tty position against our veterans but he believes in pissing away our troops lives in the events mentioned in the LV Gleaner's commentary above.

BTW, I learned more from the Gleaner's post about what is currently going on in Iraq then I ever have from the worthless Bush-administration ass-kissing lying mainstream media.

Great posts, everyone! It's so sad to see how McCain will sell his very soul to win.
He doesn't deserve to be president. His time has come and gone.

John McCan't is an asshole pure and simple. He will claim the tag Verteran and flourish it to make himself seem a hero. At the same time he will vote against benefits for those self same veterans he purports to support.
Crapheads like McCan't are why my father could never get decent timely treatment at a VA hospital.
So all if Ya'll out there vote for McCan't you will get just what you asked for....not a fucking thing execpt more of Bush's failed policies. Because McCan't and McSame are the same person. I think he should just be called McShithead. At least we know who we are talking about.

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