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Can we have a War on Hope? We can just pump it full of hot lead in a D.C. suburb by a gay, undocumented worker with an assult rifle purchased at a gun show with the proceeds of a sub prime home equity line. We can bury the body at nearby Arlington National Cemetary where we can also start drilling for oil, because its never to early to start drilling!!!

Wow, the GOP is so full of -- well, it's full of something, allright -- but hope and new ideas are sorely lacking.

Dean Heller is a deadbeat! He still owes over $370,000 from his 2006 election. He has over $981,000 on hand! Two years on and this guy doesn't pay his creditors?!

Isn't this the Republican way? Borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend. He is doing the same thing in Congress, borrow and spend, as he does in his campaign finance. What the hell is wrong with these people, is there an inbalance in their brain that causes such faulty logic. To scream for fiscal conservatism while having enough "bribes" on hand to pay off your 2006 campaign debt can only be considered as a lier or sympathetically, a pathetic joke. Yet, the yokels and rubes up North, who hate government and taxes, love him because he brings home $175,000,000 in earmarks (and yet says the government and its spending are BAD!).

Dupes! Wake the hell up! Pay for your own sewer treatment plant!

PS......goldy; nice!

Got to admit - the headline Heller Explains..." caught me off guard and ready to fillin the blanks. Like WTF could heller possibly explain?
Really now... what could he possibly expain to anyone?
Dean, please explain that lack of grey matter between your ears...
Dean - please explain your existance...

Thank goodness Jill Derby had the good sense to come back this year! If 5% of the people haven't changed their minds about Heller after all his buffoonery, we are doomed!!!

I wonder if Dubya has christened Heller "Deano" and Ensign "Tan Man."

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