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There goes the three people who were supporting Andrew Martin!

I know that some who frequent the Gleaner aren't fans of Dina, but I think the Dems just picked up a seat in the House.

I've been critical of Dina. I think her high negatives will kill her again. She endorsed Clinton, which is lame, and now she won't benefit as much if she had supported Obama who will be on top of the ticket. And she has to find a new address to boot.

If it is Dina, clearly I will support her. But you are going to see probably the ugliest campaign commercials in the history of CD3, courtesy of Skanker & Co.

I just hope the ferocious Dina Titus of old will show up and not the neutered version we got in the 06 General election.

Geez, what is with everyone? Andrew is the best candidate. Titus knows nothing of federal issues and might I remind everyone that our state is in lots of financial trouble and that State Senator Dina Titus is right there in the middle of that. I think Andrew Martin will have his hands full if she runs but I hope she does not. Whats this rumor about Martin being recruited for an assembly district race?

I hope Titus decides not to run but instead endorses Andrew Martin. Congress is about the moolah and Martin knows money. Sure he made some mistakes in this campaign but the party dried up all support for him early and left him with the left wing renegades from Kucinich and Gravel. We need to support him since Martin can appeal to independents and Republicans given his business ties.

By the way, why is everyone so quick to dismiss my candidacy. Well color me Andrew Martin.

I wonder if Sam meant to "announce" for Dina.

In any case, nice to see he has decided to forgo his "I'm going to be neutral in primaries" stance. It was getting old.

Dear Scott Millerson:

Please stop typing stupid things.

Exibit A: "Congress is about the moolah and Martin knows money."

Exibit B: "Martin can appeal to independents and Republicans given his business ties."

Thank you,

"So does this mean everyone has to curb the snowballing enthusiasm in the commentariat for the Tick boomlet? Dang."

Then Tick should run for Dina's state senate seat.

Pedro, why are you so opposed to Martin? He has the right stuff to win in a general is my point.

Scott, I'm beginning to doubt your knowledge of CD3 or of it's recent history. CD3 doesn't like carpetbaggers. (see Jack Carter) Furthermore, they tend to swallow the tag whenever it's put on anyone, regardless of whether it's accurate... even if the person is a lifelong Nevadan, whose family has spent 40 or 50-something years in Nevada. (see Tessa Hafen)

Martin actually fits the title better than Carter did. He may be a great, capable guy, but his candidacy will never fly here. Give him 5 or 10 years of making a name for himself here and he'll have a shot at succeeding Titus. For now, he's in the crosshairs of an attack that has proven it's effectiveness.

Segerblom isn't in SD7 either. So thats a non-starter. In all likelihood, David Parks will jump in for the state Senate.

As for Titus' candidacy, lets hope she opts to join the Change Congress movement and not take donations from federal lobbyists and support the abolition of ear-marks.

Thank you Theo for the polite and professional response. A refreshing change here.

I think there are quite a few new residents here who would take exception to someone being called a carpetbagger. Martin has lived here several years (granted not 40) but has been very active. Whatever happened to the concept of choosing someone who can actually do the job of being in Congress?

As for Jack Carter, I agree with you there. The guy played off of his daddy's name, bought a house over the internet from what I understand and was not exactly passionate. Martin owns a business in Las Vegas, has investment property as reported, is extremely active and passionate even though he has beeen getting his face kicked in by the party establishment.

I want someone who can actually do a great job. maybe that does make me naive. But with an 0 for 3 record previously the party obviously has not been choosing the right people anyway. Look at martin's website and read his plans. Ok, i have said my piece. Thanks Theo.

I would actually walk my precinct for Titus. Good point Pedro, she could have nailed the coffin shut with Gibbons, but she laid off. CD3 is the Dems to lose.

Well there goes getting the majority in the State Senate and having the first woman State Senate Majority leader. The citizens of the State of Nevada go down the tubes again. Dina managed to shephard good progressive legislation through the legislature. I think it would be a huge loss locally if Dina chooses to run for Congress. This is especially crucial when we are looking at redistricting and how the political alignment will be for the future.

Even though there isn't a residency issue moving for politcal gain two weeks before registration is going to be a major hit -Much bigger than the Tessa's carpetbagging snafu. (Consitution only requires residency in the State you will represent) All in all great political gain for Dina but major loss for us locally.

IMO get behind the candidate that is there.Martin has good progressive roots, is committed and has shown the tenacity to stay in the fray even when he's been kicked around by the big boys. Martin does not ignite but money and influence can make a huge difference in that campaign. He has the potential although Reid's people ignored him. We already saw what happened when Carter didn't get strong backing A shoestring campaign that was destined for defeat. So much money will be thrown to this race that Porter can be defeated.

Omg KBM... You are not serious...

I'm not 100% sure of the methodology behind this, but if you scroll down to the map of Nevada, it looks like CD 3 already went for Titus for Governor in 2006; add in another 20,000 Dems, Presidential coattails (and anti-coattails from Republicans who don't turn out for McCain), and I think it's totally doable. But then, I thought that in 2004 and 2006 as well.


So this is what it comes down to...Dina, Tess, Tick or nobody. No wonder NV Dems are such a mess -- are choices are limited.

Shut up KBM. That district was deliberately drawn to exlude her. Its a couple of blocks from her house!

Dina's Senate district until 2002 included a good bit of CD3 and even since the redistricting is partly in Cd3. In other words, she's been representing voters in that district for quite a number of years.

Longer, in fact, that Jon Porter.

scott Millerson wrote that "Titus knows nothing of federal issues and might I remind everyone that our state is in lots of financial trouble."

Scott, please learn quite a bit more about how much federal money comes into Nevada; though it is less today than yesterday. Please learn about the myraid rules regarding items like SCHIP and TANF that flow from the federal government and the diminishing sums of money coming from Washington (just like under Raygun). Titus KNOWS federal law and the impact at the state level.

Just as Gibbons thought the federal id law was great as a congressman, when he became a governor he said "bullshit" it's a mandate with insufficient fed money.

I know both Martin and Dina....Martin is no Dina! She could bury him in a debate like wet fish in a flour shower!

I was hopping Dina would be Majority Leader, but, I can see her future on the federal side, too. GO DINA!

Good lord call Ripley's, Vicenta and I agree!!

Dina can't win this race, she is highly damaged goods and yesterday in NV Democratic politcs. Her front row seat in overturning term limits has made her unelectable for all but her current office. Tick is a personal friend; great guy, can't win this race.

Dina's enormous Georgia sized ego is just loving all this attention, but she will take a pass. She knows she needed to be in 6 mos ago, and would be tossed on the electoral garbage heap when she loses to Porter. Mayor Gibson will sacrifice his grandchildren, rather than help Sen Titus, and will block her money---that's how deep those 2006 wounds are to him. She didn't have the class or ability to apologize or make amends either. tsk, tsk, tsk.

We looks like a bunch of rubes and bumpkins flailing about trying to pick someone with two weeks left.

It's Tessa, Jim or Richard. All win this race. No one else does.

Beg Tessa...or bet the farm on Andrew.

Tessa, I will pay your filing fee hon---I will wash your car, and help Pops sell tires!

It's your race to lose, take the shot Tessa. Trust me with 13 House races and 4 Senate races under my belt; you really can't lose this time!!! I will design your campaign for free!!

Your party is calling upon you, please answer the phone Ms Hafen, you have the majority of the NSDP activists willing to throw their support to you tonight.

You aced Dina, as we all know she is bluffing and can't win, please step up to the plate madame Congresswoman elect.

Yes, I absolutely am serious. Nevada has more to lose with Dina running for Congress. We lose the leadership and and potentially lose having a solid majority in both legislative branches in Carson City.

We have gone to shit with Gibbons as Governor.With Dina as majority leader she could push through alot of good legislation that would be beneficial to our State especially her campaign items because she will get the veto proof majority in the assembly.I also believe that with her leadership she would help this State from going down the toilet financially.So for very selfish reasons I hope Dina doesn't run for Congress. I'm looking at the long term benefit for Nevada. Dina's strenghts in the Nevada Legislature are not easily acquired and frankly I don't see anyone positioned to assume that position with the knowledge, experience and savvy that Dina has exhibited.

With money and all that implies poll takers, hit ads, professional campaign manager and DCCC grooming Martin could win. Without money and political backing Martin goes nowhere and yes it absolutely will be a bloodbath.

How has Martin "lived" in the district a few years? He bought a condo on the Strip in 2006 and a house in the District in 2007. Frequent flyer touristing doesn't count. Somehow who never heard of Mike Slanker until the Gleaner educated him is just not savvy enough for this level of politics.

"I will design your campaign for free!!"

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you with this year's funniest joke that wasn't a joke.

MZ don't call Ripley's too fast. If Dina runs I believe she will demolish Porter.

The money is ready to flow right into her coffers and Dina will only run if she gets the financial support. Dina's not going to get drawn into a campaign if the money is not there. She already ran on a shoe string and as I said repeatedly she lost because she did not have the finances and the political backing. This time is different. She would have the backing and the finances.

No I say the loss is to the citizens of Nevada if Dina chooses to run for Congress. I say that because of the horrible financial state that we are in and the implosive nature of the politics in Carson City right now. We need a strong experienced person like Dina to run the Senate and get us set for 2011 and redistricting.

Elected to Congress Dina will have minimal impact on Nevada issues.

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