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1) force oil companies to increase production, they are only running at 85% capacity at the refinery level; 2) stop selling military hardware to the Saudis et al unless they increase production. OK, next subject.

Oh, and 3) crack down on oil speculators who drive the price up...

I agree for a change. Bad idea to kill this tax, even just for the summer.

But we need to use more nuclear power. Clean, efficient and safe. Another reason to hate Jane Fonda. The China Syndrome was a disaster for the industry and not based on fact at all.

And have them pay Nevada to store it at Yucca. We could use it to pay for better education!! Hey Teachers! What do you think???

DAVE202 you are either a Repubtardkin or totaslly misinformed. Where do you plan to store the nuclear waste? Asshole.

Japan and Europe do well with their nuke waste, only American nutcases have issues with storage.

Maybe this is why Allison Copening is too quiet for Ralston's taste. Why should she attack someone and immediately stake out positions when anyone with an ounce of common sense would vote for her on the grounds that she isn't Bob Beers?

Hey Dave, is this what your Republican convention looked like?GOPER Anarchy!

Dave, I wasn't aware that there was a nuclear-powered car. I'll be on the lookout for Toyota's latest model, the Chernobyl.

Dr. Green, the problem with that casual (or complacent?) approach you suggest for Allison Copening is that the longer she stays quiet, the more time she gives Bob Beers to define her. That's political common sense: If your opponent keeps his or her mouth shut, you need to open yours. And besides -- if you are seriously relying on the common sense of Nevada voters to make a correct, informed decision at the polls, you obviously didn't pay attention to the 2006 gubernatorial race.

Hell yes give me a tax break. I want to see the infrastructure crumb and more bridges collapsing. Let me just pop the top of my Colt 40 and watch the continued destruction of resources. And then let me chase it with a shot of Johnny Walker Red. Or is it the reverse the shot first then the beer.- Other than the rebate most blatant no nothing selfish pandering to middle and lower income. SO I get to save about $28 but not really because the price doesn't go down or only goes down about 2 pennies I humbly submit my middle finger salute to proponents of this scarecrow scheme.

Now just what exactly is wrong with getting a billion miles-that's city not hwy-to the MeV? I'm personally a fan of the Ford Fermi- a sleek little number that just glows. Besides,imo,hair is way overrated.


As usual, it is totally impossible to have a reasonable discussion with anyone on this board because you libs can't put two words together. The nuclear waste should be stored at Yucca. Just charge the feds to do it so we can fund our education system. Then we don't have to raise taxes on anyone. And by building more nuclear plants, we use less oil, gas and coal, and can turn that excess into gasoline. You all must be products of Nevada schools!

anon 12:48....do tell, what does Europe do with its nuclear waste? Last I read Germany sent Frances' waste back to them. England shut down 18 of its 22 nuke stations. Too, Europe is planning on building 50 coal fired power plants in the the next 5 years.

So, tell us about the Eurpoean embrace of Nuclear Power?


The petro companies have not attempted to build new refinary capacity in 30 years, so there is and never will be "an excess of gasoline." They, which is them, which is never "us", have two sides arguing against each other while "they" control the flow of gasoline. Do you ever feel like a sucker?

States can regulate phone, electric, natural gas, garbage, water and sewerage rates and yet gasoline/diesel/heating oil control is not allowed. Why is this?

Why is not posible to continue to store the nuke waste at point of production and or recyle at point of production?

Looking forward to you putting "two words together."

words to twogether
wordether towtos
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Damn it! If only I was a Republican!

That being said, I think the recent EARTHQUAKES would have everyone just a little bit worried about storing nuclear waste at Yucca. But what do I know? I can't put two words together.

What the hell does this have to do with the gas tax, again?

The Brits have approved 10 new nuke plants, and some 90 are in the works around the world, most in Europe.

France gets 78% of its electricity from nuclear power.

Europe does what the US does not, it reprocesses its nuke waste, so it has less per capita. Disposal is always an issue. Finland is building the biggest nuke station on the planet and a repository to open in 2012.

All the wind, and solar we can muster can't deliver our energy needs. Plus, no you have people complaining about wind turbine noise. Nuke is here for at least the rest of this century.

We have no choice until liquid hydrogen become viable.

Actually....our nuclear garbage is now worth billions. But, as usual, nobody in D.C. has figgered that out so let's bury it until they do (est. about 100,000 years).

Mebbe Neevahdahh needs to look into getting one of them there reprocessing plants. Sure could end the probs the gubber has us in.

"Nuke is here for at least the rest of this century.

We have no choice until liquid hydrogen become viable."

Another solemn pronouncement from the world's smartest man. It reminds me of another incontrovertible pearl of wisdom he dropped on these boards earlier this week:

"Dina's enormous Georgia sized ego is just loving all this attention, but she will take a pass."

Gleaner wrote that "Beers has a record of irresponsibly pissing away the public's money." Well, it seems others share his way.

Looking at some documents, I see that the company is he part owner of and consultant to, Public Company Management Corporation (a publicly held corporation-other people's money), donated $5,000 to Bob Beers for governor on October 9, 2006. According to the corporation's SEC filings as of September 30, 2006 they had only $11,043 cash.

Could one argue that any sense of fiduciary duty calls for a corporation with stated total liabilites of $4,131,297 and with only $11,043 cash, to spend about half of their cash on a political contribution?!

I am amazed. One wonders.

First off, before asking Beers about the negligible effect of the gas tax elimination, why not ask Titus how bad off Nevada would be all be had all of her dreams of spending and new programs come true?

Second, I'm surprised to see Republicans here saying Yucca could be used to "better fund" education. Education and public employees in Nevada are already so grossly endowed and overfunded that the thought of dumping another dime into either failed system induces projectile vomiting.

I really need to get a job in the public sector so I can be on the take with everyone else - except when the state goes bankrupt, will they actually steal from the "little people" in the form of massive taxes in order to meet those obligations to the overpaid public "servants"

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