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I'm perplexed. Given what I've read in the RJ about Ruben Ki-WHO?-en and seen in the comments here regarding his awesome juicemakin' abilities, how was he not able to successfully deploy his considerable charisma, large ego and mad community organizing skillz to restore order to the convention?

Or are his powers limited to a few city blocks and the newsrooms of friendly editorial boards?

Clusterf**k achieved.

I don't know about anyone else, but were I responsible for organizing an event such as Saturday's... and should said event collapse so spectacularly due to completely avoidable circumstances... I would be handed a pink slip the next morning, and deservedly so.

Hopefully Hunt (and anyone else responsible for this) will have the honor to voluntarily fall on their swords. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

"perverse hilarity"


Why, manys the time, playing sand-lot football in the days of my youth, when that cry would ring forth, and both sides would brush the dust off of our jeans, shake hands and get back to the game.
Same thing, just with 10,000 angry seniors and union workers. And $10 hot dogs.

John "I can't get myself elected to public office, so why not make me County Chair?" Hunt couldn't get his shit together, and a colossal cluster-fuck resulted? Color me surprised.

But hey, at least they're keeping up traditions. In 2004, the fire marshal stopped the caucus from happening inside Chaparral High, and moved it out to the football field. Good times were had by all.

John Hunt and Bill Stanley would be fired in the private sector. Efforts are underway to remove John Hunt as County Chair, and bar Bill and John from having anything to do with the repeat convention.

Their gross incompetence was stunning even by Nevada standards, and their efforts to steal the convention by flooding the floor with alternates over duly elected delegates from 1/19 was unconscionable.

Wow! We were hearing about this all day at the Washoe County Convention which didn't wrap up until almost 7 pm and then we all spilled out into the streets to face an enormous amount of snow!!

Obama won the most delegates - 975 to Clinton - 683 with a resulting 329 delegates to go to State for Obama and 232 delegates to go to State for Clinton.

Matt Dickson did a tremendous job as Convention Chair. The guy out to run for office. He was very diplomatic.

Mercifully--for me--I was not there, since I was not a delegate, had another commitment, and dread attending any disaster that I can avoid. But without hearing a word from the party, here's all I can say: even Democrats, who are notorious for disorganization, should be able to figure out after a record-breaking caucus turnout that a swarm was headed their way the next time out.

By the way, a couple of very pro-Obama friends of mine were there and disappointed in the behavior of their compatriots. And likewise a couple of very pro-Clinton friends. Democratic leaders are right when they say we are blessed to have so much excitement and support. But I think it's also time for those on both sides to dial it down a little and remember that, first and foremost, our job is to defeat any candidate the R-J would seriously endorse!

Go Obama!!!

Dr Green, I thought I had seen it all,I really did, until today. Hugh hit it all, and left out tons of good stuff too.

One of the highlights for me today was watching Hugh, Ralston, Neff, Sebelious and Mishak looking like pigs in shit at the wealth of reporting we were providing. I've never seen these reporters more happy to cover an event of ours. There was actual smoke coming off Jon's thumbs as he was keying his Flashes. The guy is the poster child for opposable thumbs...lightning speed!

It truly was stunning to witness. Just stunning. I'm not embarrassed, though I probably should be, but just taken aback at Hunt and Stanley and how they thought they would get away with this.

Breathtaking in their arrogance and incompetence.

Harrah's is furious at us tonight. We cost them a lot of money in their casino as the lines snaked all over their floor...for hours!

Not surprised to hear about Matt up in Washoe. Yes, he is a good leader...a bright spot at NSDP.

Is it just the Heat? There is too much heat in the summers. That is it isn't it? It has to be that simple. I have been trying to figure out why Las Vegas/Clark County does such dumb shit stuff like this all the time. It is ether the heat or what ever originally chased the Mormons away from the spring. Maybe they had the right idea.

Why do you call the Clinton campaign, "clintonistas"? That is a favorite of the Bush I regime in the early 1990s to characterize Democrats as radical left wing revolutionaries. Is this a rightwing blog?

Great post! I'm still laughing, though I'll be less than happy if shit doesn't get pulled together. Great post though, out of the 100 or so I've read today about all things politics yours, by far, was the most enjoyable to read!

It all Harry Scratch. about 12 people listened to his speech...he knew we had already lost the convention and no one cared what he was talking about. The audio was so poor, that the back of the house where all the good stuff was occurring didn't really even hear him at all.

HR personally chooses each state and Clark Chair. Hugh is right, we never put in place people who actually have a competence in doing this sort of thing, but rather those whose lips are firmly planted on Harry Reid's bony little ass. The qualities needed for such enormous undertakings are people with a drill sargent's approach and the ability to delegate specifics tasks to like minded people who know how to and are not afraid to lead.

You don't have time to schmooze..you have an event to run and most times that means you may not be the nicest person in the room-- but the damn thing gets done, and done right.

Then you are beloved by participants.

I heard Harry looked pretty tired and feeble. I just don't think he has it in him to run again. Especially after this in Clark and going 0n4 in CD3 next Nov. Time's up. He got about as high as anyone from Nevada could get. Great, turn the page and give someone else a run. Who comes after Hunt? An open question. Anyone?

You know Hugh F**k you. Yep that damn convention was screwed up. But I didn't see you volunteer to make it any better or any person on this board. Didn't see a damn one of you at the platform committee either. Why attack PMJ when she didn't have squat to do with the planning. Cheap shot Hugh. All squawk no substance.

Money talks-No money for a more expensive venue and not enough time to make the arrangements in advance.(Just a little 30 day notice problem for Cashman field.)I understood the Bally's arrangement was for free as a result of the J&J dinner.No other space w/in the hotel was available due to conventions. So where is the moneygoing to come from for this expensive venture?

Also blame needs to placed on human error. A significant number of Precinct chairs and temp chairs did not turn in all paper work some precincts didn't have delegates designated.People chose not to be delegates when they knew of the cost and the need to ba at another function for hours. Plus delegate forms weren't correctly filled out to indicate delegate, alternate or which candidate.

So if you didn't help make the problem better by volunteering then quit bitching.I was angry and inconveninced. But organizing this was not easy and if you're so concerned do some volunteering to help get the work done. Also I did not like the misrepresentations made by Reid and Horsford.

The number of delegates assigned to each precinct and the candidate breakdown is known. No delegates would have been lost if a vote was taken today. Precincts could have voted with the delegates present and those slots not filled could have been filled at a reset. The first alignment only effected the uncommitted. Viabilty for Hillary and Obama was already established. So it was the uncommitted or Edwards or Gravel delegates that were affected by that first vote and could have changed the delegate count in each prcinct. And it doesn't matter if you have a hundred alternates you only have a limited number of established delegates from each precinct. You don't gain any more delegates to the precinct.I think the implosion was helped along by Reid and Horsford and a better compromise could have been worked out.

Hats off to Johnathon Abbinett for making the motion to caucus. It moved the stagnation along.

MZ right on the utter lack of execution for a simple large-scale event... they teach that to freshman in a UNLV Hotel Admin. class.

WRONG on Harry, as you always, always are. He was beloved in the part of the room that you were not. While you spread your typical Harry Hate in the back of the room, Harry was getting love in the front end. And there were far more listening to him than listening to you. Face it cupcake, As much as you want the dems in NV to hate Harry, we don't, get over it!

Today's convention is a disaster, yes and John Hunt and his cronies are to blame. I voted for the other guy for county chair and am sorry he didn't win.

It should be noted that Peggy MazeJohnson is a great organizer and did great work at citizen alert -- too bad John is too threatened by a smart woman to let her use her expertise at the county party!

It would not have been such a clusterf*ck had she been allowed to be more involved in organizing the event today instead of John and that assclown who was the convention chair!

Today's convention is a disaster, yes and John Hunt and his cronies are to blame. I voted for the other guy for county chair and am sorry he didn't win.

It should be noted that Peggy MazeJohnson is a great organizer and did great work at citizen alert -- too bad John is too threatened by a smart woman to let her use her expertise at the county party!

It would not have been such a clusterf*ck had she been allowed to be more involved in organizing the event today instead of John and that assclown who was the convention chair!

Silver State Hispanic Activist you are such an envious jealous ass. You have all the symptoms of the typical crab syndrome.

Charmin' today. Simply charmin'. It was not a total waste. I had a great dinner at Battista's.

Playing on the opportunity for personal political pay-back and dumping on John Hunt, Bill Stanley and Company is NOT what needs to be done now - who are we going to replace our current leadership with AND finish the convention in a timely manner?

Get real - John Hunt, Bill Stanley and Company are far more competent and capable than was displayed today - they just needed a lot more in volunteer help and deserve a second chance to make things right!

We do NOT need a Drill Sergeant's approach - but, a logical, military minded approach to completing the mission. That is to say, ensure that the proces is fair to both camps and every vote counts and every vote gets counted! And I know for a fact that was the intention of every single volunteer - we just came up short in help and under-estimated the phenomenal growth that is exponentially ocurring in this historic political cycle.

We have a lot to lear from today...

Upon opening the meeting the problems should have been candidly stated and how they were resolved fairly (with the agreement of both camps), then, the agenda should have been better reviewed, step-by-step, and people's questions succinctly answered to clear up any lingering confusion.

In truth, we had a lot of people that simply needed to have the chance to ask their questions and get straight answers - I spent nearly three hours doing just that and edifying people for being patient while waiting in line (I worked the line, front to back, twice) - and both campaigns could have done much more to help with that need.

Primary Delegates should have been seated first and an accurate count determined (that was agreed to by both campaigns) - then Alternate Delegates should have been seated with an accurate count and a tally (again, agreed to by both campaigns) - then we could have moved forward in an organized way with full confidence in the outcome!

The inevitable loser won't be happy - but, the goal was to ensure whatever the outcome it was fair. Unable to ensure a fair result left us with no other reasonable choice than to recess the meeting and buy time to re-organize and re-convene at a later date.

Both camps will use this opportunity to build their numbers - so, we had better get a venue that can accommodate 12 to 15,000!

And it would help a great deal if more people would volunteer to help out next time! It's easy to complain from the cheap seats - so, let's all step up and be part of the solution!

KUDOS to the too few who tried their hardest, volunteered and worked inhumane hours, day after day, for weeks to try and pull this together for everyone - now, let's focus on a fixing it fairly for all!

Here's the update on the Washoe County event and it mentions the Clark County debacle:

Also, this guy at this blog: http://torqopia.blogspot.com/

has some photos of the Clark County convention. He also says that a ballot box was found in one of the public restrooms!!!

Good grief!

Obama kicked butt at Washoe county convention today! I even filled a Hillary delegate seat along with several other Obama delegates cuz there weren't enough Hillary supporters there to fill them! Was that what they were afraid of in Las Vegas today? Or maybe there was a problem with people who weren't going to show up because they weren't able to legally prove they were US citizens? Or really living in Las Vegas since the caucus?

Go Obama!

Just a little side info. Mike Zahara you are wrong about Reid handpicking the County Chair. Ken Lange and John Hunt ran a very heated race. John won out right. Unless of course you are trying to say that Reid somehow rigged the election. No one has ever said that about last year's election. But that must be the booze talkin'. There's not alot of love btwn JH and Reid. Can you say detente? Stop making Reid into the boogeyman.

According to the LVCVA there was plenty of space available, and no major weekend events like NASCAR next week. So that's bullshit.

Cashman could have been reserved months ago, Same with T&M and Orleans. We had over 300K on 12/31 according to NVSOS. It was available this week too.

I'm hearing conflicting stories on whether Ballys was free and expect to see them listed on our Aug CCE for Clark knowing Hunt's tall-tales. and us showing substantial payment to Harrahs.

As for Harry, I never said he didn't have a following, 'Dems in Diapers' of all ages love him, but you can clearly tell he is fading and in his twilight. I don't believe him to be in good health...he won't run in 2010 and Kid, I will donate $100, oh hell make it $500-- to your fave charity if he does.

Time has passed him by in NV,and soon in DC-- the events of these past months prove Hugh's point...we aren't the state or the party we were just a few years ago...2mil in Clark alone means we're something different..we just haven't kept up, that is HR's not growing the party during those years...4 yrs from now, you won't even recognize the party.

Today we still have no credible annual fundraiser for the NSDP like a giant gala dinner common in most states. JJ goes to Clark only.

The stories I heard today from highly credible people about Hunt's conduct in all of this will result in successive recall votes until he's ousted...he pissed the power people off across the spectrum and Stanley just plain failed.

Peggy is getting paid a pretty penny...no tears for her, her job as ED is clear...she failed too. It was Erin we saw all day taking the media hits...Peggy nowhere in my view.

Now we know why the county convention was fucked up. JLA worked the line twice!

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