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Good one, Gleaner. It is difficult to understate how badly the HRC camp and the NSEA screwed up here.

This last-second lawsuit MIGHT shut down the at-large caucuses, and that MIGHT be enough to win HRC the Nevada caucuses by a couple of points. As Gleaner says, big, fat, hairy deal -- that will give HRC some "momentum," but it won't win her the nomination.

At what price will she gain Nevada?

The Culinary Union and its members almost certainly would've backed HRC in the general and walked door-to-door for her until November.

Do you think they'll do so now?

The Culinary Union had come out against the NSEA gaming-tax hike, but did not appear ready to throw a lot of effort into it. Certainly the union membership wouldn't have given two craps about fighting a casino tax hike.

What do you think 226 will do now? Of all the people you don't want to cross in this town, D. Taylor is pretty damn high on the list. You've now turned the gaming-tax debate into a jihad for 226, an opportunity to exact some vengeance on Warne & Co.

I personally have no dog in this fight. I'm firmly in the Edwards camp, and I was annoyed (but not surprised) at 226 for ditching labor's closest friend in the interest of political expediency.

But this kind of last-minute legal B.S. is just ... stupid.

I fail to see how the supposed benefits of an HRC presidency justify touching off a civil war within Nevada's labor movement and its Democratic party.

Well done, Hugh. Yes, when the freak show does finally move on, Nevadans are stuck with the cleanup and the carney clowns' pockets are fat with sucker money.

Sunday is, indeed, going to be a day to give thanks that the freak show is back on the road.

D. Taylor, political bad ass? Political mob boss? Uses a slight of hand in Nevada Demo party rules to exaggerate the Culinary's power here?

No one is commenting about that because this is an anti-Clinton board, a cyberspace crock, like the pro-Dean army of blog posters in 2004.

Obama takes advantage of unconstitutional party rules, and everyone here is criticizing Clinton's supporters for objecting.

Nevada's got 33 delegates to send to the Dem National convention from our caucuses Saturday.

Whoo-hooo!! We really matter.

It will take like 2,025 delegates or such to get the Dem Prez nomination!

Great -- Nevada's delegation will serve as the janitors in Denver!!

Just look at the company we are in, man:

New Mexico 02/05 38 delegates
Utah 02/05 29
Delaware 02/05 23
Idaho 02/05 23
North Dakota 02/05 21
Alaska 02/05 18

This entire caucus idea is like a Mission Impossible III story line where the goal is to covertly destroy the Nevada Democratic Party. Only it is less like MI III and more like Scooby Doo, but this time the meddling kids don't thwart the villain and the party is destroyed. Harry Reid will pull off his Harry Reid mask, and it will really be Aaron Russo, who faked his own death! He will have fractured the party, deprived Nevada of Clean Coal power, cut off all money to D candidates, and left the Senate seat vulnerable to a Republican. Who will be our Ethan Hunt? John Hunt? Who will be our Shaggy? Reuben? This message will self destruct on Sunday.

Your question in the story's opening paragraph, "But what about black people? Do they hate Mexicans, too?", is contrasted by Natasha Carrillo, 20 of East Los Angeles,who is reported thusly, “Many Latinos are not ready for a person of color.” So who hated first? The impact of this question is a great socio-political question!

I don't see how Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen comment that Hispanics love of mothers, “The Hispanic community is very family oriented, and we respect our mothers,” is far off the mark for the Black community either. Seventy percent of African American children are born out of wedlock, and for the most part it seems that they too respect their mothers. How any of this is germain to getting votes for Clinton is lost on me, unless someone is purposefully creating a wedge issue for political gain.

Wow, who saw a triple race issue? Getting unanimity in this Country continues to be a struggle. This issue was contemplated by Thomas Jefferson in his 1782 "Notes on Virginia";
"These principles [immigrants], with their language, they will transmit to their children. In proportion to their numbers they will share legislation with us. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp or bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass."

target="_blank">Hillary Clinton Native American supports not supporting Obama too

I think the least you could do is mention your mother owned the trailer park.

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