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Rep. John Conyers would like to do something about Libby even if harry won't even consider it.

I like the phrase here that Iraq is coalition of the billing, not the willing. 43,000 foreign contractors and 118,000 Iraqi contractors being paid by U.S. tax dollars. To do what?

"Coalition of the Billing" - That's RIGHT ON! Good catch "Texex" - of course, they are "The Willing to do the Billing" and it's really important to them keep this reckless, unethical, immoral, illegal Unjust War in Iraq going on, and on, and on (so, they can meet or exceed their quarterly profit projections)!

"Gleaner" on top of the heat in Bagdhad, our soliders are bearing anywhere between 60 and 80 pounds of gear, and if that isn't enough stress - people are trying to kill them (which is always, at the very least, diconcerting)!

And the Vets have to listen to civilians whining and sniveling about minor, common, mundane, everyday challenges like, "Oh, damn, I've got to chug my Starbuck Ice Coffee before it melts!" Or, "Damn, the leather in my SUV is getting hot and sticky!"

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