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Caffeine-laced drink? Alcohol? I thought the Gibber was a Mormon...or was that for pious rural electability purposes only? Or is he in truth a full-on Jack Mormon?

Nonetheless, the "security concern" claims are laughable. Just gives us all an idea of what we're in for over the next four years. As for the Addams Family analogy...good one, though I was thinking something more dysfunctional...say, Ted and Peg Bundy.

Er uh...Al Bundy. Apologies for the Freudian slip.

Gibbons "became a Mormon" when he found out that Gibson was considering a run for Gov. They worried that Gibson would take the Democratic vote and add a significant Mormon crossover to it, and wipe the floor with Gibberdagrabber(thanks, Texex). Gibbons is a disingenuous liar and a putz.

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