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It would be nice to know whether Solomon has sent a resume to the R-J. His kind of journalism is just the sort that makes moustaches there twirl.

"Hammering Harry", I think, has very little real effect - better, to try to work with the "Reid Machine" than hopelessly fight it!

Too many people are far too afraid take on "The Godfather of Nevada"...

Harry is doing a great job fully backing Tessa Hafen - I wish he would do the same for the ENTIRE Democratic ticket (to include Jack Carter)!

And it would be nice to get something, that is to say almost anything, other than "lip service" in support of our veterans...God, how I wish we could just return to the days of blatant political pandering!

When is Harry Reid going to show the courage of Jack Carter and take a strong stance on fully funding the VA?

DailyKos has a nice blast at Solomon, too.

I'm not sure any of you have really looked into this. Reid has a major problem. OF course, this looks to be a diversion tactic to bring it up now, but the facts don't look good for Harry. He's going to have a hard time winning reelection when all the facts are presented.

Let's see, based on the R-J's history of we love him/we love him not, next election they are likely not to endorse Harry. So Sherm will use this story in part to justify that decision.

(Note to Hary: Stop stepping in it, will you please? Keep this up and people will think you're a Republican.)

The facts on this Reid thing show that this is a witch hunt. Declaring the land as his only may be a misunderstanding of the statute, but it is not actionable. Solomon's hope is that people see Reid, $1.1 million dollars, land deal, and Ethics and stop reading- just like a Porter commercial, no truth, no context, just insinuations and implications. And Reid's already asked the Ethics Commission to look at it... which I'm sure they are willing to do since they have no other pressing issues to deal with......

Reid, the elder, is undoubtably not going to seek re-election to the U.S.S.; there could be a seat on the Clark County Commission coming up, though.

Joe-- you think? I think Rory is happy where he is. I don't think he has the desire to take dear old dad's seat.

My question though, who is Reid grooming to take his seat? Or will he, like Perkins, leave his seat for the wolves to fight over instead of mentoring someone to take his place.

Depending on how bad this gets for the Senator, the younger will likely wait it out on the commission, and then spring for either a us senate seat, or a run for gov when gibbons/titus step down. He has big political aspirations--he's a Reid!

Why not Tessa? Even if she loses to Porter, she has developed name recognition, will be a little bit older (and politically wiser), and may be able to even raise some more money. And maybe Harry can convince Ensign to grandfather in their mutual non-aggression treaty for her.

I think tessa will move on if she doesn't win.

I'm just sitting back and taking notes on how little Harry Reid and his "machine" is doing to actually (that is to say, sincerely and geniunely) help the entire Democratic ticket!

We've got only 9 Days to Early GOTV, and only 25 Days to E-Day!

Then, we have a lot of "house keeping" work to do in 2007 and a lot of work to get through the 2008 Presidential race!

Harry Reid is a matter of 2009 and 2010 - let's move on shall we?

NOTICE: The National Security Rally with President Jimmy Carter and the 2006 "Challengers for Change": Jack Carter for Senate; Dina Titus for Governor; and Tessa Hafen for Congress (CD #3) IS A GO!

Next Saturday, October 21st (the first day of Early GOTV) at 12:00 NOON outside the UNLV Student Union in the Alumni Amphitheater - FREE and everyone is invited!

Please spread the word through your personal e-mail lists of family and friends - this may well be the ONLY opportunity (prior to the election) for EVERYONE to come out publicly and show their support for students, the troops, our veterans and our opposition to the illegal, immoral, unjust war in Iraq!

Just as a matter of interest, would you please tell me when, in your opinion, America fought in its last legal, moral, and just war? Thanks.

Havent't seen Texex around in a while. Did he give up already? I kind of figured he would by the way he was talking about Derby all the time. Oh well, better off without detractors.

Dear "Fallon", in answer to your question, the current Global War On Terrorism (GWOT)in Afghanistan (and elsewhere, EXCEPT Iraq, that is being quietly fought through the international intelligence and police agencies) is a "Just War" - Iraq is an UNJUST WAR (though we must still support our troops - by bringing them home ASAP)!

"Persian Gulf I", also, met the criteria of the "Just War" tradition.

Vietnam was NOT a "Just War" - and the proud patriotism of our military was prostituted in that debacle!

One could argue that Korea was a "Just War", though it was touted as a "police action" under the United Nations - and remains "unfinalized".

Clearly, WWII was a "Just War" - though, one could argue it was often conducted too brutally beyond the criteria of Geneva (by both sides).

I'm slammed right now with deadlines, so I won't go into the insanity we participated in South America and elsewhere...

I'd recommend you read President Jimmy Carter's last book "Our Endangered Values" (if you haven't yet done so) - it outlines the history of our Constitution regarding the "Just War" criteria and American tradition - which, very sadly, too few know and understand...

Thanks. Appreciate your insight.

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