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What the otherwise good RGJ article didn't point out is that Nevada's part-time university instructors are the lowest paid, in that position, the nation. Not to mention they have many other indignities heaped upon them so that Nevada can save money.

There's more the article didn't say, which is understandable, since it involves Clark County Community College. The president--a favorite of the totally quality-driven, inclusive Lord High Chancellor--is trying to outsource faculty as much as possible by limiting hiring of full-time faculty. That way, he gets cheap labor. He's free to try any screwy scheme he likes without full-time faculty to say, hey, that isn't good for our students. And he pleases the Lord High Chancellor, who doesn't give a shit about quality as long as everyone keeps kissing his ass. And these guys think they know something about business!

Jim Gibson is a fine one to be questioning Dina Titus's commitment to ethics when he and his Henderson pals swiped so much state money for a college they wanted only for downtown redevelopment, then never came through with all of the money they were supposed to.

The NY Times and maybe the DCCC don't know Nevada is part of the lower, contiguous 48. Sometimes you have to wonder if Reid knows about the elections in Nevada. If the good Senator as minority leader of the Senate can't remind the party that one of his aides is running for Congress, there may be a BIG problem.

I'm not defending or offending anyone here, but were the seven women to watch in races that they appear likelier to win? I think Hafen and Derby certainly CAN win, but their battles may be more uphill. And I don't think anyone should expect Reid not to want desperately for Hafen, as a former staffer, to beat Porter, who awoke from his two-term slumber long enough to attack Reid by claiming that he was doing something that Porter actually was doing: curling up with Jack Abramoff's people.

Hey guys, I just made an ActBlue fundraising page for the Democratic candidates running for Senate and Congress this year. If you're going to donate, do it through this link. Thanks

Contribute to the 2006 Nevada Democratic Candidates

Michael Green, I agree with you on something. I think that Tessa Hafen can win too, and I hope she does. I have known her family my whole life. Her brother AK was my friend growing up, and her old roommate is marrying my cousin. I think it helps Tessa that she is from the same area as Porter, some of those people who voted for Porter before will probably vote for Tessa this time around. Tessa is a smart and honest person, and I think she would be a great congresswoman. I am definitely voting for her.

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